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The  project, which has 47 thousand 160 square meter merchantable area in total consists of residence area of 24 thousand square meter, office area of 15 thousand square meter, commercial units of 4 thousand square meter and commercial warehouse of 4 thousand 300 square meter. Project submits a landscape area of 6500 square meter to its users.

 As well as residences and offices, the project consists of 12 commercial units.

The project, which is erecting in the Ayazağa, which is positioned as business and life center after Maslak and Levent districts, is located right beside TEM Highway.

The project, which is located at a place that is 1,3 kilometers away from Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex and Turk Telekom Stadium, 4 kilometers away from Maslak and 2 kilometers away from Seyrantepe metro station, is at a point from where transportation is very easy to everywhere in the city with Metro and Air-rail transportation facilities.

There are 242 flats in the residences consist of 3 blocks in the project… In the project, which is surrounded by forests from three sides, a life with a forest view is submitted to the users. Different types of flats such as; 17 pieces of studio flats, 131 pieces of 1 bedroom + 1 living room flats, 75 pieces of 2 bedroom + 1 living room flats and 19 pieces of 3 bedrooms + 1 living room flats are all included in the project. Social facilities are also designed as the user could reach to anything whenever required. Sauna, fitness, Turkish bath and children’s educational areas are also submitted to use of flat owners.

Office blocks consist of 2 blocks with 15 thousand square meter merchantable office area are erecting on 7 floors as 84 offices. Office blocks are constructed with partial exterior installation. In the project with three-sided forest view and unique nature neighbored by Belgrade Forest, offices provide opportunity to use the forest air in a maximum rate by having outward-opening Windows in sufficient numbers as well as equipped with plate glass. Moreover, all Windows are designed as French glass with double glazing and colored. While the joineries of offices are made of aluminum, it is cared to make them with sound and heat insulation. Ceiling height of the offices is designed as 4 meters gross. Moreover, those offices located in the ground floor has the facility of terrace usage. In the project, carparking is no more a problem with closed carpark allocated for offices which have 3 floors and 360 parking lots under the office blocks.

Type Size from Size to Down Payment Installment to Total Price Delivery Time
1+0 47   50% 24 months 140500$ July 2019
1+1 67 82 50% 24 months 193400$ July 2019
2+1 115 151 50% 24 months 316800$ July 2019
3+1 177 190 50% 24 months 507900$ July 2019


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