Real estate investment in Istanbul

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Real estate investment in Istanbul

All investors are always looking for the best types of real estate, commercial, agricultural or industrial investment in the economically active countries with the largest profit return

Turkey is a very promising country with high economic growth rates, and we should not forget that Turkey was 10 years ago with an economy ranking of more than 100%. Today, it is the 16th largest economy in the world. And the sixth at the level of Europe

Before talking about investment opportunities in Turkey let us mention the reasons why Turkey is the country most suitable for investment

Investment in Turkey is a wide area, which includes the real estate sector and then industry, especially the automotive industry and then the food and agriculture sectors and the general commercial sectors do not forget the field of medicine and health and finally the sectors of finance, banks, telecommunications and transportation


Why invest in Turkey specifically?


In addition to the economic growth we have discussed above, we have previously listed the top ten reasons for investing in Turkey, as well as the growing growth rate and exports, which have more than quadrupled in the last ten years, and other facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors to encourage them to invest in Turkey

Before we offer some investment opportunities in the field of real estate we will talk about the rest of the sectors and development with the knowledge that the development of any investment sector will have a positive impact on the whole country and thus a positive impact on the rest of the sectors

For the automotive industry, Turkey has lost 3 times as much production capacity between 2002 and 2013 as it had 375,000 cars and in 2013 it exceeded 1.125 million cars, making it a world ranking among the largest manufacturers of cars

As for the investment in the agriculture and food sector in Turkey, it is worth mentioning that Turkey includes varieties of plants, vegetables and fruits equal to the number of species owned by Europe combined. Among the most important products that highlight Turkey globally in its production are hazelnuts, raisins, apricots and dried figs

If we go to talk about livestock and products, Turkey is the first place in the neighbouring countries to produce milk, milk, cheese and its derivatives

If we talk about the transport sector, the number of bridges, metro lines and highways that are built by land and sea is hardly difficult to count for the progress and speed. As for air transport, Ataturk International Airport now receives or launches a plane every two minute. Turkey is also about to open the third airport which will be the largest on the level of the whole world aims to double the number of flights






The real estate properties in the area of ​​KaiteHana are characterized by the following


Its location is in the district of Kaighthane, one of Istanbul's most prestigious areas, an area full of monuments, theatres and cinemas

The area of ​​kaighthane

 combines the spirit of ancient civilization with modern residential complexes

Near Istanbul's third largest airport in the world

The best materials were chosen in construction and cladding

The possibility of installment up to 36 months and a first payment 25%





What are the best investment options in Istanbul in general?


Istanbul is the vibrant spirit of Turkey and more than a quarter of Turkey's population lives in Istanbul, the business hub and the link between the European and Asian continents

With the acceleration of the development in Istanbul in particular, the demand for investment is increasing by investors from around the world, especially in real estate

But in fact, investing in real estate in Turkey has pros and cons some of the drawbacks we have detailed in an earlier article to us: the pros and cons of real estate investment in Turkey

And also, for real estate investment types you can identify through this article:


What types of real estate investing in Turkey?


We will not write more about the types of real estate investment in Istanbul for fear of prolongation and we will move on to answer a question







Why real estate investing in Istanbul specifically?


Turkey is the most stable country in the region and the real estate sector in particular depends heavily on the security and stability of the state. It is also one of the best sectors in the field of investment in terms of return on investment, which is a safe sector away from risks and with guaranteed profits. It is relatively well calculated, and in Turkey in particular, real estate prices are constantly rising because of the growing demand for them and this provides additional gains for investors


What are the best investment projects in Istanbul now?


Today, Istanbul is very different from Istanbul, which was a decade ago. Former neighborhoods that were once transformed into bustling markets after the renovation of old monuments and the establishment of modern residential complexes throughout Istanbul

As for the suburbs of Istanbul, it is not appropriate for us to call them suburbs because they really do not differ from the heart of the city in terms of the quality of services, transportation, government departments, education and health centres,

The areas that were empty for five years today are full of traffic, cafes, restaurants, corporate centres, transportation, shops and malls

Not to mention villas with direct sea views are quiet and clean on one side and are close to highways to facilitate access to any place in Istanbul

In the field of investment, the Turkish government allowed citizens of more than 183 countries around the world to own in Turkey, including Arab countries, and what is more remarkable is that the rights of foreign investors are complete and equal to the rights of the countrymen themselves without any differentiation

The investor obtains permanent residence in Turkey and obtains Turkish citizenship at the investment of $ 300 thousand:

Get your Turkish citizenship with an investment of $ 300,000 now

Turkey also has a conservative environment if compared to European countries, Islam is widespread and Turkish people's morals are tolerant and close to the morals of the good Arabs

In the end, Turkey's climate does not compensate for the Bosphorus, the Bursa Falls, the green Trabzon Mountains, and Antalya's beaches.

Statistics signals that the number of investors since 2013 exceeds 15 thousand foreign investors from foreign countries such as Russia and Britain and from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq

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