Buying a dream home in Turkey

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Buying a dream home in Turkey

Have you searched the web pages and forums frequently about the best ways to buy a property in Turkey yet have not found an answer?

Would you like to have a house with distinctive views, green lawns, good ventilation and sunrise for a long time daily?

Or was your request a home full of services and recreational activities, while at the same time close to highways, educational centers, commercial markets and airports?

Who does not want to get all of the above and the cheapest price possible!!

Getting a good property in a big country like Turkey with a population of more than 80 million is not easy, especially if we know that its area is about 800,000 square meters and includes 81 different states divided between two continents, Asia and Europe


But the positive point here is that the population of Turkey originally move annually between the states to obtain new homes either for housing or investment and, of course, the share of large states of the number of real estate is the largest, especially in the state of Istanbul, which is the destination of many people wishing to invest in Turkey or even housing because Istanbul is characterized by its location The ideal extends between the Asian and European continents in addition to the abundance of beautiful tourist places and historical heritage and many advantages that cannot be mentioned here, but today in this guide we will try to help you offer the best opportunities to own in Turkey, Fruits and development of your money or your goal was to find suitable accommodation for you and your family

The following points will help you choose the most suitable property for you:

1-The place of the property is the most important thing in the purchase process. If you are an investor, you should look for a place where the investment returns quickly if you do not like this place in person and we will remember soon some good options

If you intend to buy a house for the purpose of housing, you should choose a location close to your workplace, schools and universities for your children and also do not forget the subject of transport and commercial markets to be as close as possible, this is important for those wishing to live


2-We do not forget that there is no big house in the middle of the country and overlooking the Bosphorus Strait at a price of 100 thousand US dollars, it is impossible, so it is the smart investor who assesses the options available and chooses them to fit his budget and needs but here we should be aware that the purchase of a property in the project restriction Construction is a good idea to save, especially projects that are close to the time of delivery are at an acceptable price and will not be too late to start to benefit from them, but here you should pay attention to the guarantees attached to each project to ensure your rights



3-Fortunately, in Istanbul, many projects are currently under construction, which in turn makes it easier for you to implement the previous step. The options in the many projects are numerous and you must find your request within this huge amount of urban development in the region and if you want to invest the project under construction is the most suitable option for you because it will ensure You will receive additional profits as soon as construction is completed separate from the basic investment profits

4-Security, services and social and recreational facilities are very important to consider when purchasing a house in Turkey. You are finally in a foreign country and you must take safety precautions to ensure your safety and your family's safety. On the other hand, the facilities and services available in each project will make a big difference in the short term and long-term because these services and their quality will greatly improve your life and give you the high level of luxury you want


Now, after mentioning the most important steps in obtaining a new home in Turkey, you have the task of searching for the right home for your budget and your goal and the right location for investment or housing as mentioned above and fortunately this task will not cost you much because in I home international we carry the burden of research We do not need to ask dozens of real estate companies about prices and compare them all because here at I home partners with construction companies and the prices we offer you are the best prices in the market at all because we rely on taking our commission from construction companies and not from Purchaser

If you are looking for an Italian design project at a very affordable price, IHOME 19 is the best for you

If you are looking for luxury and quiet life in the Asian section of Istanbul near the transportation and work centers, IHOME 16 is a good choice for you



If you would like your accommodation to have a direct view of the Marmara Sea and in an area such as Avglar near transport, highways and Istanbul universities, IHOME 22 is an ideal choice.

And the amateurs of the quiet life away from the busy city of Istanbul and close to Yelwa with the beautiful nature and sulfur water that tourists from all over the world come to visit. The IHOME 02 project is the right choice for you.

If you like big projects in a historic city such as Bursa, you have the option of IHOME 01, which is very special, especially since it has a global unfairness for the best architectural design and includes a huge artificial lake. Do not miss yourself and go to the links above for more details.


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