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21 sea view projects in Istanbul with photos

21 sea view projects in Istanbul with photos

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In the previous article we talked about real estate with direct and indirect views of the Bosphorus, and today we will talk about real estate with sea views on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

Real estate with a sea view is always on demand, whether for permanent residence or for annual vacations, due to the great positive effect on the psyche of the inhabitant when inhaling the sea breeze and watching its extension and glory, and also when hearing the sounds of its waves.

As long as those real estates highly demand to live, and therefore it is suitable as an investment project with the aim of leasing and reselling later, that certainly depends on the project itself and its characteristics in terms of location, view, features, price, as well as the expected growth in prices and the expected rental value.

In Istanbul alone and on the coast of the Marmara Sea, we have more than 20 projects with a clear sea view, and these projects vary according to the location, cladding, and characteristics, today we will review the largest number of them, but always remember that obtaining the exact price and the most suitable offer for you is through your contact with our specialized team and obtaining a real estate advice for free.

If we want to start with the most luxurious and beautiful projects on the Sea of ​​Marmara, specifically in the Zeytinburnu area, we will directly find the following:



  1. RH-180 project, which won an international award for the best engineering design, as it is possible, all the apartments in the project have a part of the sea view at the entrance to the Bosphorus and to enjoy watching the ships anchored at the entrance to the strait, it is a renewed artistic painting throughout the year that will never make you feel bored.

Also, the interior design in terms of gardens and shopping stores is very organized and intelligent, and it is worth noting that the internal stores in the project are intended only for residents and thus gives a sense of privacy and security as you can send your children to shop under the auspices and control of the complex's security.

The benefits of the distinctive engineering design here are not limited to the form only, but also to the content, as the walls are all designed in the form of double glass for the purpose of insulation and aesthetics and also durability as the glass walls will not suffer from the problems of moisture and corrosion that afflict concrete walls when several years have passed.


Contact us for current prices and a video of the apartment show.


  1. RH-170 project in the Zeytinburnu area, 10 minutes on foot or 850 meters from the sea, is a project guaranteed by the Turkish government, and what is distinguished in it is its prices that are almost half the prices of the previous project, and both are in the same area.



  1. RH-104 project for amateurs of vibrant luxury life that combines the originality of the past and modernity of the present, the project includes historical palaces for housing as well as other palaces for social activities and markets, in addition to the presence of monuments inside the project land, no wonder that because this land was inhabited 3000 years BC.

Not all apartments in the project have a sea view, but it is certain that the high level of finishing is present equally and that the project is an integrated painting, and each apartment in it is part of this painting that cannot be completed without it.

The project consists of 18 buildings and thus it offers all options from 1+1 to 5+1 in addition to the high-ceilinged residences in the historical palaces, also for lovers of luxury, there is a dedicated building in the project designed by Fendi, which is rich in the definition. Apartments will be delivered in it furnished with a Fendi design.

The main feature of this project is that only one street separates it from the Sea of ​​Marmara that represents the coastal road, and in order to emphasize the importance of the security of the population, a tunnel was established under the coastal road to directly connect the residents to the sea coast. This factor of safety is extremely important for many families.

It is worth noting that the Marmaray metro line, which connects Asian and European Istanbul, passes close to the three previous projects.


Now we move on to:


  1. RH-129 project in the Bakirkoy area on the same coastline, and here we will find that the project consists of 7 buildings, 6 of which include 4 bedroom options, a hall, 5 bedrooms, and a hall with large areas ranging from 290 square meters to more than 700 square meters in duplexes.

In 5 bedroom apartments you can find a hall with an area of 60 square meters alone (which represents the entire apartment area in other projects), and also despite the fact that the project is adjacent to the sea, there is no need to go for a walk on the beach as this picnic can be done on the terrace of your very spacious apartment with your family in complete privacy.

In the vicinity of the project there is a 5-star hotel that chose the same design of the project due to its luxury, for the one-room, hall, two-room, and hall apartments, they are concentrated in one building of the project with a wonderful sea view angle, as for the apartments in the foreground, they include a full panoramic sea view.


  1. RH-204 project in the Bakirkoy area near the old Istanbul airport is considered the most luxurious and most expensive project among the marine projects since all the apartments in the project have a complete sea view and there is also no separation between the project and the coastline as in the previous projects, but you can immediately go from your home to the sea as if this piece of the coastline is dedicated to the project's residents.

If your apartment is on the fifth floor and above, not only will your house feel like a sea view, but you will feel as if you are on a ship and the sea is below.

Also, the four buildings of the project have pegs deep in the ground more than 20 meters and it is earthquake resistant to its highest degrees.

The full characteristics of this project can never be summarized in the article here, so we leave this task to our real estate consultant.


So far, all of these projects that we have talked about are close to the very important Marmaray metro line and the coastal road with low congestion.

And at this point, we have talked about the projects with sea views in Zeytinburnu and Bakirkoy, and these projects are considered the most luxurious and therefore the highest price.

After these projects, we find the old Ataturk Airport, the narrow Kucukcekmece road, and after the coast of Avcilar and the port, so that marine projects reappear at the beginning of the coast of Beylikduzu, which are the following:



  1. RH-174 project, which is a ready-to-live project in the Yakublu district of Beylikduzu, with modest finishes that suit its prices, which start for a bedroom and a hall from 50 thousand dollars, and there is also the possibility of instalments.

The distance between the project and the Sea of ​​Marmara is approximately 1.5 km. It can be easily reached on foot and enjoy the views of the Marmara Sea.

Before moving on to the next project, it is worth mentioning that Beylikduzu municipality includes 48 new projects, whether ready or under construction, and therefore the main feature of this area is housing. As for investment, it includes only limited projects that you can identify by communicating with us permanently. New investment projects and investment opportunities in old projects are completed to become suitable for housing only.



  1. RH-136 project, which is the first investment project, consisting of 20 low-rise buildings with direct views of the Marmara Sea, is currently under construction and will be completed at the end of 2021, and Mutlu inşaat is one of the most successful construction companies in Turkey and has several wonderful projects.

This project is considered an investment because there is a resale guarantee offer after 3 years and with 40% guaranteed profits, which is suitable for Turkish citizenship as well, the problem always in projects far from Istanbul city center is in reselling them after the investment ends. So we said that most of the projects are residential because reselling them is very difficult, but they are good for housing.

Now with the guarantee of resale and achieving these profits, this project has become suitable for investment.



  1. RH-152 project, which is the largest water city on Beylikduzu Marina, the project is very huge, consisting of five phases and includes apartments and villas, and the last phase is still under construction in villas to be delivered in the third month of 2021.

The project is famous and is characterized by designing its buildings in a horizontal manner to obtain panoramic sea views and relying on white colour and royal stone columns, and it is a complete city in itself, as it extends over an area of 65 thousand square meters.

Marina Beach is 1.5 km long and has a capacity of 900 yachts. It has a lot of social activities, restaurants, and cafes to ensure you and your guests spend the best time.



  1. RH 90 villas project Each villa has its own garden and a swimming pool can be established within the garden, what distinguishes the project is the independence of the villas and their distinctive sea view, in addition to the expansion of spaces and the fact that the prices are cheaper than new villas with the same size and view.

There are five types of these villas, with areas ranging from 360 square meters to more than 810 square meters, the total area of the project is 62.000 square meters and it consists of only 64 villas to ensure privacy and tranquillity.



  1. RH-51 project, a project consisting of 6 blocks with a view of the Marmara Sea, includes options from two bedrooms, a hall down to four bedrooms, and a hall with a private Turkish bath for each home!

Finishes of high quality and luxury are what distinguish this family project with a sea view.

The remaining options are few and he is ready to move in immediately. For more information about the project, please contact us.



11. RH-235 project, the distinctive here is that the prices are very appropriate, as two apartments can be obtained with a budget of Turkish citizenship of $ 250.000 and the project will be delivered before the end of 2020 and therefore we can consider it ready for housing.

The options are varied in this project, starting from two rooms and a hall up to 6 rooms and a duplex hall, also the small number of floors is only 4 floors and a large number of gardens and decorative lakes within the project is a positive feature, and for the price, the quality of the materials used in the construction is very appropriate.


12. RH-218 project is the first project in Buyukcekmece, which is completely adjacent to the previous district of Beylikduzu, this project is characterized by its beautiful architectural design in the form of an arch, thus more apartments get a sea view.

The quality of the decoration and the fact that the project is ready for housing and at reasonable prices makes it one of the preferred options for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property with a large area with a sea view.


13. RH-253 project can be considered an investment project in the Buyukcekmece area since construction in it started recently and will be delivered after two years from now. Perhaps the most characteristic of this project is that the prices in it now start from 55 thousand dollars, which is thus considered the cheapest project with a direct sea view in all of Istanbul.

We cannot rely here on the quality of the cladding and the materials used, but the sure thing is that the prices will increase over time until it is delivered and increase by not less than 50%.


14. RH-240 project is a luxurious project in the Buyukcekmece area for those who want to enjoy a sea view with quietness in the place, the prices here are not cheap, but it is certain that the specifications of these apartments and their panoramic view are not available in other projects.


15. RH-146 is the first project after Buyukcekmece Lake, and thus it is the furthest so far from the main roads and public transportation.

If public transportation is not a priority for you and you want to get a ready-to-live property with a sea view, with a budget of no more than $ 100.000, this project is suitable for you.

Few apartments to ensure privacy and tranquility, it can be considered a suitable resort for a quiet vacation.


16. RH-44 project is considered the most luxurious project in Buyukcekmece with a phased design to give a sea view to all its spacious apartments.

The project is currently under construction and will be delivered soon. It is suitable for those wishing to combine luxury with the tranquility of the coasts of Buyukcekmece.


17. RH-181 project, which is a project under construction, and it is a residential investment project in which it can take advantage of the purchase of real estate and wait for the delivery date to approach and resale to achieve profits.


18. RH-95 project, which is villas under construction in the Buyukcekmece area, with duplex options of 4 rooms and 2 lounges or 5 rooms and 2 lounges will be delivered soon.

Here, we have covered 18 projects with a sea view of the Marmara Sea, and we will conclude the article by talking about some projects of the Asian section in Istanbul with a sea view.

We will only talk about 3 projects so that the article does not last long, and in any case, this article cannot be used as a reference for projects with a sea view because at all times there are projects that are completely sold and new projects are opened so it is best to contact our real estate consultant to inform you of the full available offers while you contact us.


19. RH-220 project, if your goal is to get a stunning panoramic view of the Marmara Sea from the Asian section in a quiet area and watch the Princess Islands while you are at your home, then these options are closest to the coast and the most luxurious and beautiful.

The tranquility of the Kartal area, the breadth of its streets, and the organization in it are among the things that attract many who wish to own a home in a quiet and luxurious place at the same time.

The project consists of two buildings, two towers, each of which has 26 floors, with sea views even from the lower floors, also a penthouse is available in both towers for those wishing to have a 360-degree view.

Finally, the project is near the Marmaray metro station, which connects the two sections of Istanbul to each other.


20. RH-247 project, which is on the E5 highway, about 3 km from the sea coast, and with this sea views, for the high floors, are really beautiful, and the prices for a room and a hall start from less than 90 thousand dollars

A room and hall options are currently available, as well as 3 bedrooms and a hall.

21. RH-138 project and also the project is very close to the coast and has the same specifications as RH-220, but it consists of 3 towers and is also ready for housing immediately.


For more information about any of the previous projects, you just have to contact us to get a free consultation from our specialized team.

Thus, in today's article, in addition to the previous article about apartments with a view of the Bosphorus, we talked about more than 30 different projects in Istanbul and can be completed with the following results:

1. The closer the property is to the Bosphorus, the higher the price, and the higher the investment value, whether in leasing or reselling.

2. The more projects close to each other and new, the more suitable for housing than for investment, because reselling them will not be easy.

3. The options differ from sea views from one project to another, but make sure that each project has certain specifications that fit the price that is set for it.

4. Prices are chosen by the developer responsible for the project and not by the intermediary companies, so comparing prices between brokers is not a useful idea for you.