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Villas in Istanbul

Villas in Istanbul

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Real estate and investment options vary in Turkey , they include all styles and serve all purposes , including apartments , villas in Istanbul , hotel apartments , and others , and there is no doubt that buying a villa in Istanbul is one of the most important aspirations of the foreigner investor in Turkey .

Istanbul is the main city in Turkey that attracts the attention of investors and everyone is looking to buy real estate in it , Istanbul which is one of the largest commercial cities in the world , with its promising future , its successful investments , its development projects , and its charming nature , has become the center of real estate investment .

In this article , a comprehensive overview of the options for buying a villa in Istanbul , the most important factors that determine the value of the property in Istanbul , the advantages of buying a villa in Istanbul and the average prices for villas in Istanbul .


 Options of purchasing villa in Istanbul 

The city of Istanbul , which spans a vast area divided into two continents of Asia and Europe , is separated by the famous Bosphorus Strait , by the diversity of its terrain and nature , and the diversity of administrative regions within the city , and accordingly the housing options in Istanbul are varied and meet all needs and desires . We find coastal areas overlooking the sea , such as Beylikduzu and Zeytinburnu , and we find areas overlooking the forests of Belgrade like Maslak , and we find central areas in the city center such as Sisli , in addition to unique areas overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge , such as Sariyer . This diversity in Istanbul is a magnet for investors , especially for those looking for sophistication , tranquility and freshness , as many Arab businessmen seek to own a property in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular , and buying a villa in Istanbul is usually in one of the coastal regions is their top priority , it is an ideal investment for families looking to spend holidays in Istanbul .

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 Important factors when buying a villa in Istanbul 

For a profitable investment , and for the experience of buying a villa in Istanbul to be successful , there are a number of factors that the buyer must know and take into consideration , the most important of these factors is the location of the property .

Real estate investment in Istanbul enjoys leadership on other investments in general , and real estate investments are differentiated according to their location , and the elements of success that support them , each site has its advantages , and each investment is essential to its success . Real estate investment is a pioneer among successful investments , because it is one of the safest , and because it is linked to a permanent life need , so the value of the property usually increases , achieving increasing profits over time , with the possibility of almost zero loss . But choosing the right site is an essential component of the success and superiority of real estate investment . And the real estate market in Turkey in general , and in Istanbul in particular , is witnessing a big recovery and development , witnessed by figures and statistics issued by the competent institutions . Therefore , choosing your place of investment carefully within the most promising modern areas is considered as one of the most important elements of successful real estate investment , because these areas multiply real estate prices quickly over time , which constitutes a real and accelerating profit for investors in them .

The most important areas for buying a villa in Istanbul are the coastal areas like Beylikduzu . Beylikduzu area is considered as the new cultural face of Istanbul , as it is located in the European side of Istanbul and enjoys sea views of Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece Lake . Beylikduzu area is characterized by the availability of the main services in it , where schools , universities and major shopping centers such as Marmara Park Mall are located , in addition to the presence of business and investment centers in Beylikduzu , and provides public transportation that facilitates your transportation to all parts of Istanbul .

Also Beykoz area overlooks the Bosphorus in the Asian side of Istanbul . Beykoz area has a wonderful natural beauty ,it contains the second largest forest in Istanbul ( Beykoz Forest ) that takes a large area from it , in addition to the rivers , streams and small lakes that it enjoys , which made it a place for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city .


 RH 229 - Apartments with Bosphorus view ready to move in Beykoz suitable for vacations 

A residential and investment project built on a land area of ​​4.546 square meters .

The project consists of one 7-storey building and includes 100 housing units .

The options for apartments in the project vary between 1+1 and 2+1 , with areas ranging from 80 - 227 square meters .

The project is near the Bosphoros strait , and it has a forest view .

For more details about the project : RH 229

 Advantages of buying a villa in Istanbul 

  1. Guaranteed and high return on investment :

The return on investment in Istanbul real estate , compared to the rest of the Turkish and European cities . As stated in the latest report issued by the Istanbul Development Agency on investing in Turkey , Istanbul is not only distinguished by providing new and appropriate offers , but also excels at the same time by a wide difference in the field of selling this new real estate stock , meaning that the demand for Istanbul real estate exceeds the supply , and this is reflected in the high returns on investment for Istanbul real estate , which makes it ranked second in the world as the best return on investment from real estate .

The profits that a buyer can earn from buying a villa in Turkey are much greater than the profits of apartments when selling them , and if the investor buys a villa under construction , it increases the percentage of his future earnings .


  1. The Turkish economy is constantly growing :

The Turkish economy has witnessed development and growth during the past few years as it has achieved unprecedented growth rates , and accordingly , real estate prices in Istanbul have been greatly affected and recorded during the two years 2017 , 2018 , a remarkable increase due to the increased demand by foreign investors , especially Arab investors , as they were attracted by the low real estate prices in Turkey compared to real estate prices in the Arab countries and Europe . In addition , residential projects in Turkey compete with their quality and beauty for similar ones spread in Europe and the world in many aspects , such as interior decoration , materials used in construction , the natural surroundings of gardens , green spaces and charming sea views .

The Turkish economy is one of the most economies around the world that have a brilliant future . Expectations indicate that during the next ten years it will become one of the fastest growing economies around the world because of its attraction of $ 15 billion in foreign investment annually , and the amount increases every year , and it is the sixteenth largest economy around the world .

According to the opinions of economists , Turkey has developed investment plans for the year 2020 that will make it compete with the top 10 markets in the world , such as Russia , America , China and India , and it is moving steadily to achieve its goal , and we are now witnessing the beginning of this success of Turkey's investment plans that will see light by the year 2023 .

The real estate market in Turkey in general , and in Istanbul in particular ,  is witnessing a great recovery and development , witnessed by figures and statistics issued by the specialized institutions for statistics , where a previous statistic showed that the number of properties sold in Istanbul alone during only September of last year 2019 has reached 8 thousand and 347 properties , and Istanbul is considered as one of the biggest selling points where the best types of real estate investment are available in Turkey , and the Turkish real estate market is within the budget of most investors .


  1. Istanbul tourism boom :

The tourist searches for places that comfort him psychologically , such as picturesque natural places , or places that feed him with a love of knowledge like historical places , and this is not found in many countries of the world , but rarely find places that combine the past and the magnificence present , and the purity of nature and civilization the place . This is what Turkey enjoys , the country of beauty , because of its geographical location between the continents of the ancient world , its openness to the Western world , and its close connection with the East .

Tourists often prefer villas in Turkey over residential apartments , so the opportunities to benefit from villas in Turkey in light of the recovery of the tourism sector are greater than residential apartments , especially for families who spend holidays in Turkey .


  1. Obtaining Turkish citizenship :

As the Turkish government provides facilities and incentives for foreign investors who want to invest in Turkey , and through this it gives them the right to obtain Turkish citizenship according to several conditions :

  • When buying a property in Turkey with a value of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars at least $ 250.000 , provided that the property is preserved and not sold for three years .
  • When investing in fixed capital with no less than five hundred thousand dollars , $ 500.000 .
  • Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners who show a document proving that they have deposits in the bank with a value of no less than five hundred thousand dollars , $ 500.000 , and that the deposits remain in the bank for a period of three years .
  • Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners who prove that they have purchased borrowing bonds from the state , provided that these bonds are not sold for a period of three years .

The attention of Arab and foreign investors is directed to the Turkish city of Istanbul , due to its unique strategic location in the heart of the world , and from its history , civilization , development and progress .

There are many reasons that make real estate investment in Turkey with a goal of obtaining Turkish citizenship , one of the most important investment opportunities , as laws do not require investment in a specific type of real estate , meaning that the foreign investor is free to choose what he wants within a wide range of options , such as houses or lands or commercial buildings , etc .

It also gives family members of the foreign investor the right to obtain Turkish citizenship with the investor , and the only exception is the children of the investor who are over the age of 18 years .

This is in addition to the exemptions or tax cuts that affect foreign investments , which gave an additional incentive to invest in Turkey .

We at Right Home guarantee that you can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey within 60 days only , and under the supervision of our legal team on all procedures . For more details , please visit this page : Turkish citizenship by investment


 RH 152 - Apartments and villas with direct sea view at Beylikduzu marina 

A life beyond your dreams is waiting for you in Marina Villas with its spacious interior space with columns in the height of duplex , elevator , large kitchen , multipurpose rooms , closed garage , living space for the servant independent from villa , and special architectural solutions designed for your comfort that you will never find anywhere .

The project located on the European side of Istanbul , on Yakuplu Beach .

The project promises a comfortable life for its residents that it is close to main roads , E5 and TEM Highway bridges and airports , and it is easy accessible by public transportation .

For more details about the project : RH 152

 Prices for villas in Istanbul 

Prices for villas in Istanbul depend heavily on the location of the villa within the city , and are they within a residential complex or a separate villa . Also , the price of the villa depends on the quality of its construction , size and views , the number of rooms and services available , and the surrounding green areas , in addition to the interior decoration and distribution of rooms inside the villa .

In general , villa prices in Istanbul start from $ 200.000 to $ 1.5 million , and each price corresponds to the specifications that suit it .

Under construction villas are often cheaper than ready-made villas , which guarantees a wider profit space for the buyer . Likewise , duplex villas with two floors or more , have higher returns and carry more investment opportunities , they are used in the commercial field more than in residential areas , which opens up great prospects for increasing profits .

It is worth noting that the standard rental of villas in Turkey is approximately 0.7 to 1.3% of the value of the property , as the tourist use of villas brings more return , and the location of the villa increases its rent if the tenant wants it for a commercial purpose .

These prices and investment returns certainly vary according to the region in which these villas are located , with the highest price being Sariyer and Uskudar , the least expensive Beylikduzu , Buyukcekmece and Basaksehir .


 Why buying a property in Turkey is a good investment ? 

  1. The exchange rate of the Turkish lira against other international currencies has reached its highest levels ever , which means that buyers have more Turkish lira than ever before .
  2. The surplus housing in certain areas provides reasonable prices per square meter , compared to other countries dominating the real estate market abroad .
  3. The high specifications of modern residential projects in Turkey , which were built according to modern engineering designs and advanced home technology , they incorporate smart home technology , and include public facilities and basic services that meet all the needs for you and your family , such as sauna , gym , swimming pool , gardens and others .
  4. Buying real estate worth $ 250.000 or more , and keeping it for three years , gives the owner of these properties the right to apply for Turkish citizenship .
  5. Turkey usually treats the foreign investor similar to the local investor 100% , which is one of the most important advantages of investing in Turkey .
  6. The Turkish economy is one of the most economies around the world that have a brilliant future . Expectations indicate that during the next ten years it will become one of the fastest growing economies around the world due to its attraction of $ 15 billion in foreign investment annually , and the amount increases every year , and it is the sixteenth largest economy around the world .