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Why you should buy a real estate in Turkey?

Why you should buy a real estate in Turkey?

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Statistics in the real estate sector indicate a steady increase in foreign direct investment in Turkey , especially after the government took many encouraging decisions for foreign investment in Turkey , such as investment facilities , providing incentives , forming institutions that deal with investment issues , and following up foreign investments with interest and attention .

Real estate investment is one of the most successful and strongest types of investment in Turkey , and it varies between investing in real estate , land and hotels .

Those wishing to invest in real estate in Istanbul benefit from the close interconnection between the tourism and real estate sectors in Turkey , where the city of Istanbul leads the Turkish cities in terms of demand to buy real estate , and it is also the first tourist destination for visitors to Turkey , and therefore many businessmen and owners of real estate investments go In Istanbul towards investing in Istanbul .

Istanbul is one of the largest Turkish cities , and it contains more than thirty-nine residential areas , with a population exceeding eighteen million people , and this makes the process of choosing the appropriate area to buy a property in Istanbul almost impossible without the use of a real estate broker , and it is still a city Istanbul is expanding real estate , and new residential neighborhoods are added to it every year due to the great demand for them .

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 Why you should buy a real estate in Turkey  ? 

  1. Real estate prices in Istanbul

Real estate prices in Istanbul differ according to several factors , including :

  • The main and most important factor is how close or far the property is to the city center and the commercial center . Areas such as Taksim , Sisli , Osmanbey , Fatih and other most expensive areas of Istanbul are considered , despite their age and property consumption , the most expensive areas in Istanbul .
  • The price of the property is directly proportional to its proximity to the main means of transportation , as the city of Istanbul suffers in general and over the years from overcrowding , despite the strong and distinctive transportation network .
  • Prices interact up and down with the proximity of the apartment and its distance from the tourist areas and commercial centers , as this affects the return on investment in the event of a desire to rent the apartment and obtain a guaranteed return .
  • The real estate is near and far from major infrastructure projects in Istanbul , such as : international airports , the Bosphorus Strait , the new Istanbul Canal , trade fairs , and so on .
  • Demand for real estate in the same region , has increased during the past five years , the demand on the outskirts of Istanbul because of its development and the growth of real estate projects and infrastructure in it , and from these areas : Beylikduzu , Basaksehir , Buyukcekmece , Esenyurt , and others .
  • Technical specifications of the property , in terms of building quality , area of ​​the apartment , apartment view , available services , are all factors that have a direct impact on the price of the property .


  1. Buying real estate with the aim of investing in Turkey :

Some of the advantages of investing in Turkey : 

  • Turkey usually treats the foreign investor in a way that is close to the local investor at a rate that may reach 100% , which is one of the most important advantages of investing in Turkey .
  • The Turkish economy is among the most economies around the world that have a brilliant future . Expectations indicate that during the next ten years it will become one of the fastest growing economies around the world , because of its attraction of $ 15 billion in foreign investment annually , and the amount increases every year , as it is the sixteenth economy around the world .
  • The population of Turkey helps to invest money , as the population of Turkey is 77.7 million , and Turkey is the largest in terms of youth in relation to the European Union , not only that , but also that its population of young people enjoys a high degree of culture and education .
  • The infrastructure in Turkey has advanced high technology in all the things that a successful investment requires from transportation , remote means of communication and advanced marine transportation facilities and is characterized by its low cost .
  • Low corporate income tax from 33% to 20% , and technological development areas and free and industrial areas are characterized by incentives and tax benefits, there is a total or partial exemption from corporate income tax , Turkey is characterized by laws that support innovation , research and development .


RH 80- Apartments with Bosphorus view and suitable payment plans in Sisli 

A first class residential and investment project in the center of Sisli , specifically in the fast growing Bomonti area .

The project is located in one of the most famous areas on the European side of Istanbul , Bomonti district , a growing area that attracts the attention of investors at the moment , which is characterized by easy access to the most vital places in the city , and its proximity to shopping centers , airports , hospitals , universities and schools .

The project location is just 8 minutes away from Taksim .

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  1. Obtaining Turkish citizenship :

One of the facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying a property of at least $ 250.000 .

Turkish citizenship by investment


 What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

  • The strength of the Turkish passport , where the Turkish passport is ranked 39th in the world , and its holder is granted access to 72 countries without a visa .
  • The Turkish passport and citizenship are processed and delivered in a relatively short period of up to 30 days .
  • Turkey's relationship with the European Union , where negotiations and agreements between the Turkish government and the European Union countries on the accession of Turkey to the European Union are still underway . Turkish citizen has the right to enter Europe without a visa in the future .
  • Possibility of Turkish passport holders and Turkish citizenship to benefit from retirement programs as a Turkish citizen .
  • The Turkish government provides free education and payment plans to the university for Turkish passport holders and Turkish citizens .
  • The Turkish passport gives the holder all voting rights for all types of elections in Turkey .
  • The Turkish government allows dual citizenship for those holding Turkish passports , as they may also have another citizenship .
  • Turkish passport is valid for 10 years when received , and can be renewed for life .
  • The economic importance of Turkey , including the ongoing reforms undertaken by the Turkish government in order to revive its economy constantly .


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