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Atasehir area in Istanbul Asian

Atasehir area in Istanbul Asian

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The Asian side of Istanbul includes a large number of beautiful and charming areas , some of which are overlooking the Bosphorus , including investment areas and business centers , and the Asian side of Istanbul is characterized by calm and spread of green and natural areas .

Atasehir is one of the largest and most famous areas in the Asian side of Istanbul , and it is visited by tourists from different parts of the world , to visit its multiple and varied tourist attractions .

Atasehir is not only a tourist region , but recently it has become a major and vital center for the Turkish economy , for its leadership of more foreign investments , as it includes more than 45 thousand employees , and for having several international and local financial centers to be a leader in real estate investment .

Atasehir region has recently turned into an important center for attracting investors thanks to the Istanbul International Financial Finance Center , as this study demonstrated that the importance of the region continues to increase due to new investment opportunities , which will be more available after the completion of the financial center project that began construction in the region .

This is in addition to the Metropole Istanbul project for housing , offices and shopping centers , and the Atapark project to be established on an area of ​​110 dunums in the region .


RH 186 - Investment project in Uskudar with Bosphorus view

It is a housing and investment project was built on a land area of 13.840 square meters . The project consists of 4 blocks with 188 apartments and 138 commercial areas .

The project provides apartment types ranging from 1+1 to 5+2 .

The project is located on one of the most special spots of Istanbul , where you will wake up to the deep blue Bosphorus view every day .

The project is located in Uskudar district in the Asian side of Istanbul . It is located near to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and it is only 2.4 km away from the beach .

The perfect location of the project where you can get into the European side of Istanbul through the 15 July Martyrs Bridge , Besiktas and Taksim in 15 Minutes only .

The project offers you and your family the perfect lifestyle you have always dreamed of , where private security and surveillance cameras are available on the project . The project also includes recreational facilities for you and your children such as swimming pools , gym , sauna , garden , cafe , restaurant and shopping center .

All the details on the following link : RH 186


Atasehir area is witnessing a noticeable increase in the field of office real estate investment , and that high-end ( first class ) office projects established in the region will turn it into an attractive center for institutional companies , and that many of these companies are looking for a place for them in projects in the region . He also stated that during the recent years , the region witnessed the entry of many construction companies in important investment projects , and in the coming years the region will witness an important development within the urban transformation project .

The region is also witnessing many investments in residential real estate , and that residential real estate projects in the region continue without interruption , and that the demand for housing units will continue to be vital for long periods . He also stated that the region has gained great importance in the field of hotel investment as well , and there are today many international brands that provide hotel services in the region .


In addition , there are currently many shopping centers in Atasehir , such as Bulvar 216 , Palladium , Optimum , Novada and Carrefour , among others . Of the value of the region , and that the Metropole Istanbul project , which began construction in the region in 2012 , is considered one of the largest giant projects in Turkey , as it consists of three high towers and more than 1500 independent units of residential units , offices , entertainment and education centers , and the shopping . All these projects contributed to increasing the value of the economic zone and turned it into an important center for attracting investors .


RH 212 - apartment in Asian section of Istanbul in Pendik ready for housing

It is a mixed used project includes Shopping Mall , Offices and Residential parts in whole project of 50.000 sqm area .

The project consists of a single block and has 44 apartments .

The number of floors in the building are 12 floors .

The project has a strategic location overlooking the sea and Princess Island .

Commercial units in the project includes retail shops , restaurants & cafes , shops and offices . Also , it has mini market , hairdressers which all gives you solutions without leaving yoour space .

Office areas ranging between 88 - 270 m2 in one piece , and we can combine more offices to create much more bigger spaces .

Residences areas start with 56 sqm for studios , 72-75-76 sqm for 1+1, and 132 -139 sqm for 2+1 .

The project includes villas located on the top of the building with 460 and 640 sqm penthouse areas .

The project is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, on Kartal E5 road , the main road of Istanbul , over looking the sea and Princess Islands .

The project is located between Kartal and Yakacik metro stations by walking distance , which cross from west to east of whole Istanbul .

As a location , its at the center of all public transportation systems in Istanbul , such as : Pendik Marine , Kartal Marine , High Speed Train Main Station , Pendik Ferry Station , Sabiha Gokcen International Airport , Highway connection , E5 main Road and Metro Stations .

For more details about the project : RH 212


 The most famous landmarks of Istanbul's Asian district of Istanbul 

  • Atasehir Palace

Among the most prominent and the latest successful investments that were made in Atasehir for the category of businessmen and their families , it was inaugurated on an area of ​​about 245 thousand square meters on the outskirts of the city in order to provide commercial markets , restaurants and sports clubs 24 hours .

The first phase of the project includes 170 residential buildings and 10 commercial units , and the residential units will be sold at less than the current price of 11% starting from $ 2700 per square meter , while prices will rise again once the project ends to reach $ 3.000 .


  • Sports complex

Among the largest sports complexes with a large number of games and various sports practices such as swimming sports , tennis , basketball and gyms .


  • Dialysis hospital

One of the largest hospitals specialized in dialysis in Istanbul , and it is characterized by several advantages such as owning specialized medical kits and using the latest equipment and technologies , as well as the availability of all means of care and care with a high quality , efficiency and experience .


RH 184- Residential and investment project in Kadikoy in the Asian side of Istanbul

It is a housing and investing project that built on a land area of 26.000 square meters .

The project consists of 5 blocks with 1100 apartments as well as 180 offices and 72 commercial units .

The project located in Kadikoy district on Istanbul’s Asian shore .

The project provides great convenience to residents and employees as the main road and highways are right in front of them .

For those who want to go to the European side of Istanbul , the project is located near both Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge .

The project is characterized by its proximity to shopping centers , universities and public transportation .

The project includes social and recreational facilities that will meet all your needs for you and your family , such as swimming pools , sports club and parks , in addition to restaurants and cafes within the project .

Details of the project in the following link : RH 184