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Property for sale in Maslak

Property for sale in Maslak

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Turkey has become the best country in the eyes of investors from all over the world , as it has achieved its place among the investment countries with amazing progress , exceeding 17 places in a very short time .

Arab and foreign investors are looking to Istanbul city in Turkey , because of its unique strategic location in the heart of the world , in addition to its history , civilization , development and progress .

The city of Istanbul is characterized by its wide area , where it is divided on two continents , Asia and Europe , and therefore its terrain is diverse and the climate is diverse , and therefore each area in Istanbul is different from the other area , including what are historical areas include monuments and palaces of the Ottoman sultans , including coastal areas with charming beaches , including new developed areas where residential towers and commercial centers and business centers are built .

The escalation of foreign investment in Turkey and the accelerated rise that it witnessed at all levels , has led to an increase in the demand of foreign investors for it , especially in important economic sectors , such as the real estate , commercial , tourism and other sectors .

Statistics in the real estate sector indicate a steady increase in foreign direct investment in Turkey , especially after the government took many encouraging decisions for foreign investment in Turkey , such as investment facilities , providing incentives , forming institutions that deal with investment issues , and following up foreign investments with benefit and interest .


Maslak is the investment center of Istanbul , and it is one of the largest real estate development areas in the city . Maslak is located on the European side of Istanbul , close to the famous Sisli , Saiyer and Levent areas .

Maslak is located in one of the most important locations in Istanbul , close to shopping centers , public transport , major roads , arts , sports and culture centers .

Maslak is only minutes away from Taksim and Levent , not more than 5 minutes from the Bosphorus and 25 minutes from Istanbul's third airport , giving it strategic and investment importance .

Maslak includes the most important residential complexes and shopping malls , such as Vadi Istanbul , overlooking the Belgrade forests , and it is 15 minutes away from the Asian section of Istanbul .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall is one of the most important malls of Istanbul and its high-end shopping malls , and it is one of the best and most luxurious shopping malls , which witnesses a commercial activity and tourist attraction throughout the year .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall is located in one of the most prestigious areas on the European side of Istanbul , in Maslak area overlooking the magnificent Belgrade forests .

The site of the shopping mall is 4 km from the city center , it is only 20 minutes away from Istanbul International Airport and 5 minutes from the Bosphorus .

Vadi Istanbul project , which opened in 2017 , is a huge commercial , residential and recreational project , which offers the elements of pleasant shopping , luxury upscale housing , in a clean environment saturated with fresh air , and charming landscapes , which includes more than 270 a world-class clothing and fashion store , as well as some of the city's most famous restaurants , offering a wide variety of food options , a children's playground , and other fun activities for you and your family .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall has a large outdoor courtyard with a number of international restaurants and famous cafes , with a magnificent view of Belgrade Forest , and a lake of dancing fountains that give an additional atmosphere of pleasure and luxury for visitors .

Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall , which has become a popular landmark for tourists to visit and enjoy shopping , also has a prestigious residential project offering you the ideal accommodation options in Istanbul .


 Residential projects in Maslak area 

RH 163 - One of the best projects in Maslak , ready for housing with a view of Belgrade Forest 

Apartments for sale in Istanbul in a huge project like a full-service city , which includes a shopping center , 5-star hotel and integrated social facilities .

The project provides an ideal choice for housing and investment . The project was built in three phases : the units of the first residential phase have been completed and fully sold , the second phase includes shops and a shopping center , while the third and final phase is a mixture of residential and commercial apartments .

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul , specifically in Maslak , one of the largest real estate development areas in the city .

Maslak is one of the main central districts of Istanbul and it is one of the fast-growing areas of the city .

Maslak area is close to transportation links that will take you to all parts of the city in a few moments , and you can easily access the main areas and sights of the city .

Maslak is the ideal area for investment in Istanbul , where it promises high profits and high returns on investment in a few years .

The project is located only minutes away from Taksim and Levent , not more than 5 minutes from Bosphorus , and 25 minutes from  Istanbul's third airport , which gives it strategic and investment importance .

The project is located near the metro station and public transport .

The project is located in the Cendery Valley , among the regions of Istanbul that have gained the highest value .

The project is located next to Maslak and Levent , which provides a pleasant life with transportation opportunities .

The project attracts attention through its location close to shopping centers , arts , health facilities , transportation and education centers .

All the project details in this link : RH 163


Maslak is one of the most important business districts of Istanbul , and it is the most secure area of earthquakes , and the third most luxurious and most expensive area in Turkey .

Maslak is a brand new area , and it is one of the most beautiful and modern areas of Istanbul , which is predominantly corporate and business center .

Directly overlooking the Bosphorus , Maslak is a home to luxurious properties and mansions , making it attractive for money-holders and celebrities .

Property prices in Maslak are relatively high , with an approximate price of 15.000 Turkish Lira per meter . For example , a 2+1 apartment with an area of 99 square meters may cost as much as 1.300.000 Turkish Lira .


 Why to invest in Maslak area ? 

  1. Its distinctive geographical location , where it is located near the most important areas in Istanbul , such as Sisli and Levent , and it is also close to the Bosphorus Bridge and Taksim Square , the most important tourist attractions of Istanbul .
  2. It is a residential and tourist area and  commercial area at the same time , which includes Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall , the most famous in Turkey .
  3. One of the most prominent features of Maslak area is the availability of various means of transportation , which facilitates the movement of residents , there are buses to find internal transport , as well as the metro line , which facilitates the transfer within the city .
  4. The availability of important life services from hospitals whether it is governmental or belong to the private sector , schools and universities , as well as clubs and hotels equipped at the highest level to receive tourists from everywhere .
  5. The area includes the famous Belgrade Forest , which is one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul and one of the tourist places in Istanbul that attract tourists coming from everywhere , with its picturesque nature to help you relax and enjoy the calmness .


 Residential projects in Maslak area 

RH 153 - Project with unique view to Belgrade forest and various options in Maslak

It is a residential and investment project , rising on a land area of 27.300 square meters .

The housing options offered by the project are 0+1 , 1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1 and 4+1 , and the size of the apartments in the project ranges between 75 and 189 square meters .

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul , in the Sirantepe area next to Maslak , the development and life center of Istanbul .

The project is located next to the highway , which offers you a wide range of social opportunities .

The project includes recreational and social facilities to meet all your needs , such as sports club , playgrounds , swimming pools , restaurants , walking paths and playgrounds for children , as well as security and surveillance cameras , giving you and your family a safe and comfortable life inside this project .

For more details about the project , please visit this link : RH 153