Leasing and reselling services If you have a property in Istanbul or other Turkish cities and want to sell or rent it, contact us and we will provide you with the right buyer or tenant. i Home International is a leading brokerage and real estate agency with over 5 years of experience in buying and selling houses in Turkey.
Procedures for selling a property in Turkey
• To sell your property in Turkey we need to see all the documents related to your property, including title deeds, certificate of residence or title deed. During the sale, the house must be debt-free, in order to allow the land registry to continue the transaction, so be sure to pay all taxes, and pay all bank loans or mortgages.
• We will visit your property to inspect and evaluate the property and give a suitable selling price.
• To maximize profit and make your home more marketable, we recommend that you complete all maintenance and paint the inside of the property if necessary.
• If we mutually agree to market your property, we will take photos and add them to our website. You will need to be available for the visits from the potential customers, sometimes alerting in a short time. If you do not live in Turkey, you can leave the keys with a trusted owner to communicate with them when arranging an appointment to customers visits.
• When you find a buyer interested in your property, we will arrange the entire process and keep you informed, including the stages of deposit and signing of properties.

For more information and details on how to sell a property in Turkey, you can send a copy of your title deeds, photos and additional property information to: info@invest-inturkey.com