Furnishing the property Do you know how you will furnish your dream home at a reasonable price after purchasing the property?
Finding the right furniture is one of the most difficult processes when buying a home. i Home International offers you this service to help you find high quality furniture at a reasonable price for your home.

Home furnishing service is one of the services that are done after the sale of the property. This service ensures that you buy the right furniture for your home. When we finish the real estate purchase process, our sales team helps you buy furniture and decorate your home quickly by visiting furniture stores and providing you with the right suppliers.
Our company collaborates with many high quality furniture companies in the region.

We help you buy household appliances, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, living room, bedroom, dining room, home accessories, decorative pieces, beds, sofas and high quality lighting fixtures within the desired budget.
We do not charge commission from these deals and do not charge any additional fees.