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A detailed vision for the future of real estate investment in Turkey 2022

A detailed vision for the future of real estate investment in Turkey 2022

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All factors indicate that the future of real estate investment in Turkey for 2022 will be promising with many profits and good gains, as foreign investors still have a desire to buy real estate in Turkey, and the demand for homes is still high, whether for purchase or for rent, and this in turn helps the continued development of the real estate investments in Turkey.

Moreover, the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying a property worth $250.000 is still in force, which is an incentive for the continued renaissance of the Turkish real estate market.

Turkey occupies a strategic and privileged position in the heart of the world between the continents of Asia and Europe, and this has a great impact on the prosperity of the real estate sector in Turkey, which combines East and West and is attracting the attention of Arab and foreign investors.


Here is a detailed vision for the future of real estate investment in Turkey 2022


  • The investment return is one of the most important things that investors are looking for. The investment return from Istanbul real estate is very promising and is rising because of the increasing demand for homes, and it reaches 10% within 3 years of purchasing the property within the conditions and factors achieved. As for the properties that are still under construction, they reach up to 20% as the annual return on investment, considering the area of the property and the type of property, such as if the property is under construction, close to the city center, within a new project, and other factors.
  • The Turkish real estate market is wide and diversified, with residential and commercial real estate available, including offices and shops, making it a competitive market that meets the desires of all investors in proportion to their budgets and goals.
  • Hotel apartments are available in Istanbul within the residential projects, which are managed and operated by the most famous and most luxurious international hotels, such as the Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Hilton, and others. One of the most important advantages of real estate investment in hotel apartments in Istanbul is that it promises high and guaranteed profits compared to the returns of residential apartments, as rental contracts in hotel apartments are smoother and more flexible, which provides security for the investor.
  • Modern technology in construction and urban development witnessed by real estate projects in Turkey, where apartments are built with high quality standards supported by the smart home system and designed in an attractive way, so Turkish real estate has become superior to its counterparts in Europe at competitive prices for the rest of the world's real estate.
  • The Turkish government is still working to encourage foreign investment by providing incentives and temptations that draw attention to Turkey, including exemption from real estate taxes, obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying a property or a group of real estate worth $ 250.000 within only 90 days, and imposing the real estate appraisal law to guarantee the right of investors.


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We conclude from this that real estate investment in Turkey is safe, profits are guaranteed, the Turkish economy is solid and stable, and capital is protected from loss, as real estate prices change directly with the change in the Turkish lira.


 What are the most promising real estate investment projects in Turkey 2022? 


RH 430 - Luxury homes close to the city center in the upscale neighborhood of Nisantasi

  • What distinguishes this project is that it will be completed and delivered in 2024, so it represents an unmissable opportunity for investors and promises huge profits in the long run, and its investment value increases year after year.
  • The living spaces in Nisantasi project were designed in such a way that the materials are compatible with each other with luxury boat logic, the living spaces are used in the most efficient way and the quality and comfort are at the maximum.
  • You will enjoy Istanbul with the view of Nisantasi, the grove and the Bosphorus.
  • The garden villa and terrace villa concept will also be the first in Nisantasi.
  • You will be able to enter your home from the garden with your private door without entering the building. You will also be able to spend time in the pool while your children play in your garden and find nature and luxury in the comfort of a villa.
  • You can enjoy pleasant evenings by the fire in your winter garden or enjoy the coolness in your private pool in terrace villas.
  • Live luxury in Nisantasi with healthy homes, in touch with the nature.
  • In this project, you will enjoy a healthy life with an indoor pool, Turkish bath, spa and sauna.
  • The fitness center and the Pilates studio are waiting for you to stay fit with a healthy living.
  • You will experience the luxury of the future from today with concierge services that will provide the comfort of a 7-star hotel in your home.
  • The land area of the project is 25.000 sqm, and it consists of 9 blocks. 
  • The project contains 160 apartments with an area of 86 - 760 sqm.
  • The delivery date of the project is 3/2024.

RH 429 - A luxury project in Asian Istanbul suitable for families

  • The project has been built by a well-known construction company with more than 65 years of experience. 
  • The project was designed to offer comfort and luxury to its residents as well as a spacious life.
  • In each of the 207 apartments in the project consisting of 12 blocks, carefully created architectural details offer you solutions that make life easier.
  • This project, which goes beyond dreams and borders, is a housing project designed with fine tastes and an extraordinary quality of life, proof of how big a place a person can have in this life.
  • The happiness, peace and tranquility that fills you as soon as you step inside the entrance.
  • A privileged feeling of life, an example of the living standards this project promises you.
  • With the walking and running tracks surrounding your home, you will have the freedom of movement that you have always valued. You will enjoy the viewing terraces with your surroundings.
  • This project in Çengelköy, which respects the centuries-old history of Çengelköy area, is located where you can find traces of the past, where the old is preserved and the new grows; in the middle of the Bosphorus, history and nature, it is the most vivid example of the continuing culture of life despite the passing of time.
  • Now you have a good reason to get lost in time in this unique Bosphorus village.
  • Our social facilities are at your service to offer you a fun and safe activity with your loved ones.

RH 416 - Residences in Levent 4 suitable for housing and investment

Why this project? 

  • It is located at the very heart of universities and shopping malls.
  • It is 5 minutes away from Kagithane, 10 minutes away from Caglayan Courthouse.
  • With closeness to subway and other means of mass travel, it provides an easy access to anywhere in the city.
  • It is located at the center of TEM and E5 Highways.
  • It is situated on a near spot to Great Istanbul Tunnel.
  • It is also one of the most fast-growing investment opportunities in the European side.
  • It is 10 minutes away from Dolmabahce Tunnel, and 15 minutes away from Taksim.
  • It is situated at a walking distance to the most significant business districts in İstanbul.
  • It is 8 minutes away from FSM Bridge.
  • It provides a direct access to the 3rd Airport in Istanbul.
  • It is close to Belgrade Forests.
  • It is 20 minutes away from Ataturk Airport.
  • It is 5 minutes away from Capa Hospital, which will soon be relocated to the district.