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Top 5 investment projects in 2022

Top 5 investment projects in 2022

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Real estate investing is about looking at long-term trends and how they will impact the market. This is especially important when things are in flux and the market is unstable, like what’s happening now with the economic reverberations and the instability of Turkish lira, that Turkish lira hits highest value against US dollar reach 9.36 yesterday, and forecasters predict that Turkish inflation could finish 2021 at 17.63%.

What is worth noting that property sales in Turkey rebounded again in September 2021, after three months of decline, with foreigners increasing their purchases. This caused the construction projects that have been stagnant for a while to reactivate. It is thought that 2022 will be worth gold for the real estate sector in Turkey.

It’s time to start looking ahead to 2022 and studying the best 5 investment real estate project that promises a high profit and guaranteed ROI.


RH 80 - Apartments with Bosphorus view and suitable payment plans in Sisli

  • It is an under-construction project planning to be built on a land area of 18.079 square meters, and the project consists of 3 buildings, the first tower consists of 42 floors and the second tower consists of 30 floors and another building, and the project includes 599 housing units, 60 offices and 18 stores.
  • The project has been aimed to be the best example of mixed-usage projects in Istanbul. It is one of the most comprehensive projects offers apartments, residences, shopping stores, offices as well as a 5 stars hotel.
  • This project, which has won acclaim with its thoughtful design, comes to life with the privilege of Tahincioğlu construction company.
  • This project introduces you to the concept of accessible luxury.
  • The 39-floors residential tower reveal an extraordinary view of Istanbul and the historical peninsula.
  • The interior quality of the project contributes to the elegance of living spaces.
  • The feeling of freedom offered by the wide facades is a distinctive, valuable and impressive feature of the project. 
  • Luxury apartments in the city center Sisli area waiting for you.
  • Luxury homes located at a close distance to Nisantasi, Taksim and Bosphorus.
  • Your life will change by living in this comprehensive project with its excellent social facilities and perfect location.
  • The project is managed by Rotana hotels management.
  • The project offers panoramic views of Istanbul city and the Bosphorous.
  • A limited number remaining of units in this project, so don't miss the opportunity for a profitable investment.
  • The safest investment is real estate investment, and the perfect choice thses apartments.
  • High rental potential in the center of Istanbul.
  • This project is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and Right Home provide these services for our customers free of charge.

RH 124 - Charming view of the Bosphorus in Istanbul high-class neighborhood

  • Spectacular interiors in a prime location, overlooking the majestic Bosphorus, with innovative design ideas and luxury brands.
  • The project featuring all the modern exigencies of luxury, spectacular views of the Bosphorus and the restoring presence of green nature.
  • The project brings to you sophisticated luxury and refined elegance.
  • It is a luxury housing project developed by well-known development company in Turkey.
  • The project was built on 70.000 square meter land area.
  • The project consists of 29 blocks, set on various existing site levels, giving each building beautiful views or a unique vibrancy, while endowing the whole development with a life-celebrating dynamic.
  • Each building has been carefully placed in the most visible and prominent position.
  • Surrounded by rejuvenating lush trees, lively landscapes and calming stone paths, the buildings are easily accessible for pedestrians, feature underground garage space, and are interconnected through walkways.
  • Beautiful and carefully elaborated living spaces, with solutions that bring happiness.
  • All buildings come with a variety of apartment sizes, to fit a range of space needs, from 3+1 to 5+1.
  • All 406 apartments are consistent in their nature-inspired design, luxury interiors and essential features, such as round-the-clock hot water, specially ventilated windows, cloakroom cabinet in the entrance hall, superior quality laminated wood floors throughout, natural stone and premium ceramics in the bathroom and kitchen areas, as well as suspended feature ceilings in the bathrooms with spotlights.
  • The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, including built-in dishwasher, electric stove, built-in refrigerator, oven, microwave and aspirator.
  • Each apartment is allocated one storage unit, and reserved parking spaces in the underground garage.
  • Here you’ll discover the pleasures of training, staying fit and healthy, playing with friends and neighbors, getting that positive adrenaline rush that keeps you feeling refreshed, strong and energized.

RH 201 - luxurious homes near to Taksim square

  • It is a residential and investment project, which was supervised by one of the most famous construction companies in Turkey.
  • It is the largest renewal project in Turkey, received the award of “Best Urban Renewal Project in Europe.”
  • The project has been renewed by preserving the historical, architectural, and cultural values of Beyoglu area with precision.
  • It is a brand-new mixed project, promises a full life not only with its offices and residence blocks, but also with its stores, art galleries and location.
  • Lovers of Istanbul who want to experience the historical and cultural richness of Istanbul such as Nisantasi, Cihangir and Eminonu have many stories to experience in this project.
  • It is Turkey’s first public-private partnership “Urban Renewal’ project where historic values are carefully preserved, is a unique addition to Istanbul’s skyline with a construction area of 165.000 sqm and a facade of 220 meters.
  • Boasting nine blocks and 918 units that offer housing, offices, commercial areas, shopping opportunities and concept streets for social activities, the project is positioned as a new platform for living and investment.
  • We are waiting for you in this project to see history from today’s perspective and become a part of this innovation.

RH 318 - Luxury Apartments in Nisantasi Ritz Carlton

  • Your investment opportunity to get your apartment in the center of Istanbul in the most prestigious neighborhood of Nisantasi, under the name of The Ritz-Carlton, a global brand of luxury hotels.
  • You will not find better than these properties in Nisantasi neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul, where these apartments are considered the best option for investment with high and guaranteed returns.
  • The famous Nisantasi Boulevard with world-class high-end brands like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, etc., famous branded restaurants like Nusr-et, 5-star hotels, vibrant life and luxury will be within walking distance of your home.
  • These apartments are the perfect choice for those looking for the best in luxury Istanbul real estate.
  • Swimming pools, gardens, gyms, saunas and other facilities that add division to your life, make it easier and increase the quality of your day will be available and included in the project.
  • There are entertainment areas and social facilities designed according to the needs of the residents within the project, such as social facilities, landscaping surrounded by vertical gardens, indoor car parking, swimming pools, sauna, fitness center and spa.
  • In this project, there are 121 independent apartments spread over 21 floors, of different types and sizes, which include duplexes with garden, half-floor and penthouses, and the project also includes home offices arranged in 1+1 and 2+1 plans.
  • There are many housing options in this project, from 1+1 apartments of 135 sqm to 6 + 1 penthouses of 1.124 sqm.
  • In home offices, units ranging from 138 to 196 square meters are designed in 1+1 or 2+1 plans.
  • The project is located in Nisantasi, on the European side of Istanbul, in Sisli.
  • Nisantasi is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, as it is characterized by the presence of many shopping malls, high-end fashion stores and luxury international brands, in addition to the spread of cafes and restaurants built in the classic European style.
  • Nisantasi is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul, and it is an excellent choice for many families, visitors and tourists for an enjoyable holiday.
  • Taksim area, Istiklal Avenue, Galata Tower, Bosphorus bridges and Bebek coast, all these famous sights of Istanbul will be near you.

RH 413 - Luxury apartments in the heart of Nisantasi

  • A new project rises in Nisantasi, Sisli, one of the first districts that come to mind when talking about Istanbul.
  • It is a comprehensive project comprising residences, offices, a hotel, and a shopping mall.
  • Spanning 9.000 square meters, the project has a total construction site of 97.000 square meters.
  • The project includes a parking space for 600 vehicles.
  • The project contains 62 residences, 99 offices and a hotel with 146 rooms.
  • A new shopping and living experience are waiting for you in this project.
  • 15.000 sqm of the project is leasable area, that contains 54 stores and 18 restaurant and cafe.
  • One of the highlights of the project is the walking area which offers a brand-new shopping and living experience.
  • With the above-the-line and luxury design using various materials, meticulous landscaping, and vast social spaces, the project offers a modern and creative interpretation of the courtyard concept which provides an opportunity to relax and socialize in the city.
  • The project offers a chance to relax and socialize in the city while bringing together shopping, dining and relaxing venues, the courtyard concept is reinterpreted in a modern way.
  • Designed to create public meeting places out of shared spaces hidden among buildings in order to offer pedestrian access, the project has buildings around the inner courtyards with units eligible for commerce, dining, and meeting.