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The real estate and legal services that Right Home provides before, during and after the sale to its valued customers

The real estate and legal services that Right Home provides before, during and after the sale to its valued customers

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The real estate services that Right Home provides before, during and after the sale to its valued customers


  1. Ensure that the property complies with the legal requirements of the Turkish government.


  1. Choosing the right location for the property:

By directing the buyer to suitable properties in vital locations in Istanbul and helping him increase the chances of investment success. This comes as a result of our consulting team’s study of the real estate area, the quality of the residential complexes and their surroundings, their proximity and distance from the main roads, whether the area is served by public transportation, what are the shopping malls surrounding the property, health centers or hospitals, schools and universities nearby, and other things that play an important role in the process of choosing the right location for the property.


  1. Dealing with trusted real estate developers:

Right Home has a long experience in the field of real estate in Turkey, extending from 2012 until now, and it has a great reputation in the Turkish real estate market, and it is keen to develop its relations with large companies and reliable real estate developers who own a number of successful projects that continue and develop and are keen to continuing to provide innovative housing solutions with high quality materials at competitive prices in times of economic crises and times of financial stability alike, and most importantly to be in conformity with the conditions and building laws in Turkey.


  1. Choosing the right property and providing the appropriate consultation for free:

Right Home team includes the best expert real estate consultants, and we are here to help you make the right buy, sell and investment decision. Our real estate consultant provides you with all the information you need before buying a property in Turkey, and answers all your questions and inquiries related to buying residential or commercial real estate, buying homes, land, leasing, property law, lease contracts, investing in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship

We at Right Home have a professional consultant team with solid experience and accurate information about the Turkish real estate market. We also provide our customers with media and means to facilitate the clarification of ideas from pictures, drawings, videos and everything that may be needed for that. Our real estate consultant will provide you with all the options that fit your request in the market and add to it other offers he sees is more suitable for you and allows you to compare offers and highlights the pros and cons of each project that he presents to you, all for free.


  1. Return on Investment Calculation:

The method of calculating the return on real estate investment differs from other types of investment, as in real estate investment, the capital invested in the property remains the same and its value does not change. On the contrary, if the appropriate real estate opportunity is chosen, the value of the property may increase, which means an increase in capital.

If the investment site is a promising site, that is, real estate prices are set to increase, the investor gets an investment return from reselling the property in that area, and the return on investment is obtained from residential real estate in two main ways:

  • Rent: Many foreign and even local investors are buying and renting residential properties in Istanbul. It should be noted that the rent in Turkey increases annually at varying rates, and the value of the rent of any property in Turkey increases annually.
  • Resale: In many cases, real estate under construction is purchased for the investor to sell after the project is completed and to obtain a high profit return.


  1. Possibility of managing the property after the purchase:

Right Home has a team specialized in services after the purchase of the property, including the delivery of public services to the property such as water, gas and electricity services and the payment of bills on a regular basis to ensure that fees do not accumulate on the property owner. The company also pays the annual dues to the municipality, while ensuring that the earthquake insurance for the property is valid. All of this comes under property management, in addition to the possibility of managing property expenses or renting the property and collecting the rental return from it, providing the investor with reports or reselling it and collecting the investment return from it if the customer so desires.


  1. Extracting the property title deed:

Right Home has a legal team of Turkish lawyers with extensive and long experience in dealing with real estate transactions and issues, they will work to extract the title deed of the property or the so-called Tapu in Turkey, which is the official document that proves the rights to own a property in Turkey. Our legal team will provide you with legal support and advice, which will guarantee you a successful investment and a safe purchase. Our legal services include the issuance of the title deed of the property and the issuance of a power of attorney from a notary so that we can follow up the proceedings on your behalf.


  1. Best Price Guarantee in the Market:

We at Right Home Real Estate Consultants in Turkey, our goal is to satisfy you by fulfilling your requests related to buying real estate in Turkey, and through our distinguished relationships and extensive experience, we offer you the best price in the real estate market in Turkey.

Negotiating a deal is a skill and we are very skilled at it, our sales professionals can get a better price or a more flexible payment plan for you too, our good and branching relationships in the real estate market play a big role during negotiations, and finally the large number of deals we do makes the negotiation process easier and more fruitful when the manager of the project that our client wants to own realizes that we made a lot of deals on the same project and thus we get a real high discount.


  1. Real estate furnishing and interior design:

Do you know how you will furnish your dream home at an affordable price after purchasing the property?

Finding the right furniture is one of the most difficult processes when buying a home. Right Home offers you its services to help you find high quality and affordable furniture for your home if you so desire.

Home furnishing service is one of the services that are carried out after the sale of the property. This service ensures that you purchase the right furniture for your home. When we are done with the real estate purchase process, our sales team helps you to buy furniture and decorate your home quickly by visiting the furniture stores and providing you with the right suppliers, as our company cooperates with many high-quality furniture companies.


  1. Communicate periodically with the developer in case the project is under construction:

In case that the client purchases a property under construction, Right Home Company communicates periodically with projects and construction companies to follow up on the progress of construction work, and the project completion stages are photographed for the client and provided with all updates.



The legal services that Right Home provides before, during and after the sale to its valued customers


  1. Opening a bank account

Among the after-sales services we provide to our customers, we open a bank account for the customer in a Turkish bank, prepare the necessary papers, and follow up the procedures until the bank card is issued and we hand it over to the customer. Also, we provide legal advice regarding opening a company in Turkey, establishing branches for an existing company outside Turkey, extracting a tax number, applying for residency, and other operations that may be difficult for the client to do by himself.


  1. Transfers related to buying a property and obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Our relationship with the client starts from his arrival at Istanbul Airport, where we receive him at the airport, provide a transfer service from the airport to the hotel, conduct the check-in process on your behalf, and then arrange an appointment to visit the company’s headquarters and discuss your request regarding buying a property in Turkey. This is followed by a tour to visit real estate projects in Istanbul and learn about the Turkish real estate market after understanding exactly what you are looking for, and what is suitable for your budget and other needs. After visiting the projects, our real estate consultant gives you his advice, a reservation is made for the property you have chosen or the signing of the property purchase contract, and we also provide you with after-sales services, which include continuing the necessary services after purchasing the property from applying for Turkish citizenship, obtaining residence permits, and others.


  1. Assistance in the money transfer process:

Through our long experience in the field of real estate, we have sufficient knowledge of the conditions and laws of each country related to transferring money to and from Turkey for the purchase of real estate. We help you complete the purchase and ensure that your money reaches the construction company without any risk.

In case that the customer wishes to transfer his money through the bank or through an international money transfer office, we in turn guide you to the safe and secure way to transfer your money.


  1. Applying for Turkish citizenship:

In case that you purchase a property worth $ 250.000 with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport, we will take care of all necessary procedures with our legal team supervising all operations, without any additional fees. With the help of our legal team, we guarantee you to get the Turkish passport within only 90 days in a regular manner without any fees in return.

At Right Home, we do not deal with an independent lawyer, but we have a legal team consisting of a group of lawyers with experience in the issues of foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship, who are fluent in English and Arabic, and the interested client is directly connected to the legal team to ask all legal questions related to the process of owning real estate or obtaining Turkish citizenship in its various cases.

As for the process of Turkish citizenship through investment, the costs of the lawyer who will prepare the papers and submit the application are usually about 4 or 5 thousand dollars, but at Right Home we have an exclusive offer as we cover the lawyers’ fees completely for clients who bought through our company in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

It is worth noting that today, by buying real estate online and appointing one of our company's lawyers, you can apply for Turkish citizenship for you and your family, and when you visit Turkey at the right time for you, you can directly receive the Turkish identity