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10 Areas preferred by foreigners to buy real estate in Istanbul- part 2

10 Areas preferred by foreigners to buy real estate in Istanbul- part 2

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In the previous article, we talked about the 5 most preferred areas for foreigners to buy a property in Istanbul, and today we will complete the other 5 areas.


  1.  Basaksehir 

Basaksehir, on the European side of Istanbul, is characterized by being a residential area par excellence, and it also represents an opportunity for investors as it includes a number of projects that are still under construction with a high rental guarantee. Also, the new Istanbul Canal project has given the area an investment importance, and the value and prices of real estate are also on the rise.


Why does Basaksehir area promise successful and safe real estate investments and profits?

One of the main reasons is that Turkish government is moving towards developing and improving the area, as most government projects and infrastructure projects are concentrated in Basaksehir, being one of the safest areas, and it is also one of the closest areas to Istanbul's new airport, the largest airport in the world. Istanbul Canal in the west of Basaksehir, which will connect the Black Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake to the Marmara Sea to be a new strait in Istanbul along with the Bosphorus.

Basaksehir area is preferred by families due to the availability of all the main services that meet their needs. There are not a few governmental and international schools, universities, hospitals, and shopping centers, the most famous of which is Mall of Istanbul. There are also many gardens and parks that families go to for walks with their children.

When we look at the real estates of Basaksehir, we find that their prices are reasonable and average. They are not expensive as in the city center, and they are not cheap as real estate in areas far from the center. Its location in the middle made it the focus of attention of investors with medium budgets.

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  1.  Beylikduzu 

Beylikduzu is considered one of the areas far from the city center, but at the same time it is close to the E5 highway and the Metrobus line passes through it, the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, making it easy to reach the heart of Istanbul in less than an hour, and it is a residential and investment area where ready projects for immediate housing are available and projects under construction, it also features two sea views of Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece Lake, which adds to some of the projects close to the sea charming and very beautiful views.

Beylikduzu is an integrated area with all the main services that serve the population from schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, etc. It is also taken care of by the Turkish government, where parks, gardens and entertainment venues are spread.

Many investors are heading to buy a property in Beylikduzu because it is suitable for all classes, its properties vary between luxury villas near the marina and apartments within family complexes near services and public transportation, in general, Beylikduzu is suitable for budgets starting from $ 75.000.

RH 51-Blue sea residences in Beylikduzu, Istanbul

  1.  Esenyurt 

The only reason why the investor might want to buy real estate in Esenyurt area is that it is the cheapest area in Istanbul, and the prices of apartments are affordable for everyone. Adjacent to Beylikduzu and close to highways, which has made it popular with investors and foreigners who want to buy real estate with limited budgets.


Are these properties suitable for investment?

The multiplicity and diversity of residential projects in the area has provided the opportunity for buyers of different classes and different budgets to purchase the right property for them. If you are looking for a short-term investment, you may find what suits you in Esenyurt area. Real estate prices start from $ 50.000, and rise to $ 200.000, affected by several factors, including the location of the property, its space, its view, the number of rooms, and the social and recreational facilities within the project and the surrounding area.


The Asian side of Istanbul also has a share of the interest of investors and those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey, as this side is considered quieter and more peaceful and is covered by green forests and charming nature, and some areas adjacent to the Bosphorus enjoy luxury and high-end real estate.

The Asian side of Istanbul has become part of the Turkish government’s development plan, as the projects in this side are growing day by day, as Istanbul International Financial Center was established and opened in 2020 which is located in Atasehir district which is known as the business and trade center of Asian Istanbul, moreover Camlica Tower was opened in May 2021, which is considered the highest building in Istanbul and can be seen from the European center of Istanbul, and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions for residents and visitors to Istanbul, and this was preceded by the opening of Camlica Mosque in 2019, the largest mosque in Turkey, which overlooks the Bosphorus Strait.

All of these are attractive factors that have stimulated the real estate market on the Asian side of Istanbul, so that real estate projects are growing and increasing day by day, and it is an opportunity for those wishing for a profitable and guaranteed investment of at least 10% in a safe investment environment during the next five years.


  1.  Uskudar 

It is the closest area to the European Istanbul, where it can be reached via Marmaray train in less than half an hour, and it can be reached by sea transport, or by crossing the Bosphorus Bridge. Uskudar is famous for its beautiful coastline and the Maiden's Tower, which is in the middle of the sea and lights up at night with its ancient beacons.

Luxury first-class Uskudar properties, characterized by their views of the Bosphorus and the fact that they have the character of independent houses and low-rise buildings more than residential towers, but there are apartment towers and apartments in Uskudar as well, but as we mentioned they are not very common.

Uskudar is an area that has a historical value. It is not one of the new neighborhoods that has been created and developed, but rather it is part of the history of Istanbul, so it has a place and is preserving the value of its real estate.


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  1.  Beykoz 

The most beautiful areas of Istanbul, and the most luxurious without any competition, Beykoz area adjacent to the Bosphorus with its forests, nature and calmness that pervades it, with its luxurious palaces that remind you of the days of the Ottoman sultans, for these advantages, celebrities, politicians and businessmen tend to buy luxury homes and villas on the Bosphorus, some of them live there and some take them as resort and holiday accommodation.

Beykoz area is the best choice for those looking for tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is characterized by a calm atmosphere, green nature and blue sea, and it is a full-service area prepared for a luxurious life that is difficult to find in any other area.

If you want to own your dream home in Turkey in one of these areas or other areas of Istanbul, we advise you to contact a real estate consultant who has extensive experience in the market to direct you to the right choice that suits your goal and purpose of buying a property that fits your budget, you can contact us and we will be happy to serve you.