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Obtaining visa to Turkey

Obtaining visa to Turkey

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After the success of the Turkish government in fighting the Corona virus , and achieving enormous results in numbers , the Turkish government is seeking in the near future to open domestic and foreign aviation , as Turkish Airlines announced the resumption of its domestic flights on June 4 , and foreign flights to some countries on June 10 .

All news of Corona in Turkey in the following page :Corona virus


The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism also announced formal talks with 70 different countries around the world , with the aim of attracting tourists from them , after the opening of this year's tourist season , and the most prominent of these countries are : Germany , Britain , Netherlands , Belgium , Japan , Russia and the Czech Republic .

The ministry said in a statement on Sunday , May 17th , that the preparations for this year's tourist season continue at the local and international levels , and intensively , especially in light of the changes that have occurred in the world , due to the Corona pandemic .

In this context , Turkey sent official letters to the 70 countries , explaining the measures taken in the tourism sector and other sectors related to it , such as transportation and housing , as well as health and preventive measures against the Corona virus , and stressed that they contain the appropriate tourism atmosphere , and the conditions necessary for that .

The statement quoted Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy as saying that the official discussions are being held by him personally and by the Foreign Minister , Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

 , along with other officials of both ministries .

He explained that the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism will put a set of criteria for receiving tourists , in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Council for Combating Virus .


 What are the ways to obtain a visa to Turkey ? 

To get to Turkey regularly , a visa must be obtained in Turkey , and visa can be obtained easily as the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched an electronic platform through which you can log in and choose the appropriate language for you from nine available languages and submit requests to obtain a visa , taking in your account that the conditions vary from country to country , and after obtaining acceptance ,  you can extract it and print it for you to show it when you arrive at the airport in Turkey .

To access this platform click on the following link : Electronic visa application system


 Countries do not need a visa to enter Turkey 

There are a number of Arab countries that are exempt from entry visas to Turkey for the purpose of tourism , which are Jordan , Morocco , Tunisia , Qatar and Lebanon , provided that the total length of stay in Turkey does not exceed 90 days during the last 180 days .


 Electronic visa to enter Turkey 

Citizens of a number of countries of the world are entitled to obtain an electronic visa to enter Turkey once the necessary information has been provided , and to pay the required fees electronically via credit or bank cards .

Turkish border crossing personnel can verify the information contained in the e-visa through their own network .

But it is best for everyone who has obtained an electronic Turkey visa to accompany a printed copy of this visa , or an electronic image on a mobile phone .

This electronic visa allows its holder to enter Turkey for the purpose of tourism or trade only . As for those who want to travel to Turkey in order to study or work , they must submit their applications to the Turkish missions .

This electronic visa is available to a number of Arab countries whose citizens can extract Turkey's visa electronically , including Algeria , the United Arab Emirates , Bahrain , Sudan , Iraq , Somalia , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Yemen , Comoros , Oman , Palestine , Libya , Mauritania and Egypt .


 Visa price to Turkey 

The price of e-visa to Turkey varies from one country to another , where the price for Egyptians is $ 20 , the United Arab Emirates $ 60 , Algeria $ 50 , Sudan $ 60 , Saudi Arabia $ 60 and Libya $ 60 . Visas vary between single entry and multiple entry , and there are countries that do not need to pay entry fees , including Bahrain , Iraq and Kuwait .