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Basaksehir medical city

Basaksehir medical city

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Turkey is one of the modern countries that is developing steadily and rapidly , and the Turkish government always seeks progress and development in various fields , with high and great ambition , and with a lot of precision and care , Turkey has built a huge project competing with the neighboring European countries , and it is considered as one of the large projects globally , and this project is the establishment of the largest medical city in Europe , and Basaksehir area has been chosen on the European side of Istanbul for this project , as this area is considered as one of the most distinctive and most vital residential areas .

On Monday , 4/20/2020 , Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened , via telecommunications technology , the medical city of Basaksehir , and the opening began with the presentation of the Turkish Health Minister Fakhruddin Kuja , with the medical city departments and the latest devices available in it . Kogah explained that the medical cities are one of our “ most important tools in fighting the Corona epidemic . ” He added , “ A homemade respirator was manufactured and it is ready for use as of today . ” He indicated that all beds in the Basaksehir Hospital can be converted into intensive care units .

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , in his speech during the opening ceremony , also praised the high level that Turkey has reached in the field of health , building hospitals and providing health care .

It is worth mentioning that Turkey is one of the countries that works seriously and continuously to find a Coronavirus vaccine , where doctors and all health sector , in addition to scientists in Turkish laboratories , work to develop an effective vaccine against Coronavirus , which threatens the lives of many .

And the Aegean University in Izmir , on Tuesday , 14/4/2020 , announced the success of a team of researchers on their completion of the first step to develop a local vaccine against Coronavirus in Turkey , and clinical trials in humans are expected to begin as soon as possible .


 Basaksehir medical city in numbers 

Work began on the establishment of this medical city , which is also called the " Ikitelli Hospital " in 2016 , and participated in the construction of about 6000 workers from various sectors of engineering , construction , extension and others .

The land area of ​​Basaksehir medical city is structurally one million square meters . The medical city contains eight buildings , each of which includes a full specialized hospital as follows : Children’s Hospital , Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital , Oncology Hospital , Neurological Hospital , Orthopedic Hospital , Heart Disease Hospital , Hospital Psychiatry , and the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital , and these hospitals will provide services with a capacity of 2682 beds .

The main building of the city will be one of the largest buildings resistant to earthquakes in the world , because it contains 2068 seismic insulators that support the foundations of all the buildings of this city .

Thanks to these modern seismic insulators , it will be possible to perform surgeries even during the earthquake without any embarrassment , and the amount of iron used in the construction of this facility will reach 95 thousand tons of iron , and this figure equals ten times the weight of the famous French Eiffel Tower .

The project won this year's PPP Agreement Award , an international Thomson Reuters'ın Project Finance International Awards for International Project Finance .

This huge medical project provides work opportunities for ten thousand people , and it also provides medical services and health care to approximately 65.000 people daily .

 Basaksehir area 

Basaksehir district is located on the European side of Istanbul , and it is at the forefront of Istanbul areas in terms of housing projects .

Basaksehir area is characterized by its high infrastructure and the availability of public transportation , as the new metro line passes , as well as its proximity to the new Istanbul airport .

Basaksehir area is considered as one of the most important real estate investment areas in great demand , and it is growing day after day and promising huge investment returns and profits .

The area is characterized by an important location that it is considered as the closest area to the new Istanbul third airport , and near Istanbul water channel , which is planned to be one of the largest projects in Turkey , in addition to the third Istanbul Bridge .

Basaksehir area has witnessed a large and inflated influx of foreign investors in recent years , especially Arabs and investors coming from the Arab Gulf countries in particular . These people prefer to invest in Basaksehir area than other areas of Istanbul , where the Arabs currently live in the equivalent of 65% of the total proportion of the indigenous population .

Also , the largest artificial lake in Turkey is located in Basaksehir area , with an area of ​​approximately 26 thousand square meters , that lake that created a vital spot unparalleled within Basaksehir area , extending around it a lot of green spaces and parks , and many cafes and restaurants are located there , that are suitable for many types of activities . It also has a large square for major festivals .

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