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Real estate investment fields in Turkey

Real estate investment fields in Turkey

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The real estate market in Turkey in general , and in Istanbul in particular , is witnessing a significant recovery and development , witnessed by figures and statistics issued by the specialized institutions of statistics , where a previous statistic showed that the number of properties sold in Istanbul alone during only September of last year 2019 has reached 8 thousand and 347 properties , and the city of Istanbul is considered as one of the biggest selling points and the best types of real estate investment are available in Turkey , and the Turkish real estate market is within the budget of most investors , and the Turkish real estate market remains a safe haven for saving money in to many investors .

Turkish citizenship by investment

RH 163 - One of the best projects in Maslak , ready for housing with a view of Belgrade Forest 

Apartments for sale in Istanbul in a huge project like a full-service city , which includes a shopping center , 5-star hotel and integrated social facilities .

The project provides an ideal choice for housing and investment . The project was built in three phases : the units of the first residential phase have been completed and fully sold , the second phase includes shops and a shopping center , while the third and final phase is a mixture of residential and commercial apartments .

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul , specifically in Maslak , one of the largest real estate development areas in the city .

Maslak is one of the main central districts of Istanbul and it is one of the fast-growing areas of the city .

Maslak area is close to transportation links that will take you to all parts of the city in a few moments , and you can easily access the main areas and sights of the city .

Maslak is the ideal area for investment in Istanbul , where it promises high profits and high returns on investment in a few years .

The project is located only minutes away from Taksim and Levent , not more than 5 minutes from Bosphorus , and 25 minutes from  Istanbul's third airport , which gives it strategic and investment importance .

The project is located near the metro station and public transport .

The project is located in the Cendery Valley , among the regions of Istanbul that have gained the highest value .

The project is located next to Maslak and Levent , which provides a pleasant life with transportation opportunities .

The project attracts attention through its location close to shopping centers , arts , health facilities , transportation and education centers .

All the project details in this link : RH 163


 What are the fields of real estate investment in Turkey ? 

  1. Investing in residential properties

This field of ​​investment is the most sought-after and profitable field , due to the permanent need of people for housing , and their search for apartments for rent in Turkey , and it is possible to rent to families or students .

Residential complexes in Istanbul are the ideal option for housing and investment , because of the features that are not available in ordinary homes , including security and guarding , surveillance cameras and other services that meet all the needs for you and your family , and many experts in the field of real estate believe that the best field of real estate investment in Istanbul are the residential complexes , and a large percentage of real estate investments are heading to it at present .


  1. Investing in tourist real estate

This option is almost stopped now due to the interruption of the tourism season as a result of the flight and travel ban and the spread of the Corona virus , but if your plan is to keep your apartment for investment with the beginning of the arrival of tourists to Turkey after the end of the precautionary measures against Corona virus , you will have owned a tourist apartment requested by thousands of tourists , which in turn will be a promising and profitable investment .

Also , the idea of ​​buying a hotel apartment in Turkey , especially in Istanbul and Antalya , is one of the distinctive investment ideas in the field of tourism real estate .


  1. Commercial property in Turkey

After Turkey has turned into a portal that attracts global investments and economic business from the east and west , Turkey has become a center for launching global commercial and investment activities in various fields and sectors , where Istanbul and Antalya cities have come to the fore in commercial activity in Turkish cities , alongside the other central Turkish cities , for these prosperous cities to be preferred options for those looking for investment and commercial opportunities in Turkey . Among the ideal options for investing in Turkey , buying offices and selling them in the central areas , and office properties have a great ability to make a profit , due to the increasing number of companies and the emergence of the term entrepreneurs , and the need of all private companies for offices , so we recommend buying an office in one of the buildings and administrative complexes and rent it or sell it , as commercial real estate is a guaranteed option for quick profit as well , as commercial centers have become a destination for everyone , so we recommend owning a commercial property , such as buying a medium or small store and selling it .


  1. Investing in under construction real estate in Turkey

Under construction property in Istanbul is considered the best in terms of investment , and by benefiting from a high price in the future , Istanbul real estate and residential apartments in Istanbul have witnessed an average rise of nearly 30% from the beginning of building projects until delivery , so many of the works interested in investing in Istanbul to buy apartments under construction and resell them in the future , and this type of investment is a long-term investment , its results are not fast but have a high profit rate .

Also , buying an apartment in Istanbul under construction gives you the opportunity for long installments , as the projects under construction in Istanbul offer long installments compared to the ready projects in Istanbul .


RH 80- Apartments with Bosphorus view and suitable payment plans in Sisli 

A first class residential and investment project in the center of Sisli , specifically in the fast growing Bomonti area .

The project is located in one of the most famous areas on the European side of Istanbul , Bomonti district , a growing area that attracts the attention of investors at the moment , which is characterized by easy access to the most vital places in the city , and its proximity to shopping centers , airports , hospitals , universities and schools .

The project location is just 8 minutes away from Taksim .

This project has been designed in line with the highest quality standards in real estate in Turkey .

All apartments have private balconies with views of Istanbul or the Bosphorus .

The project includes special facilities that provide residents with comfort and entertainment and meet all their needs such as swimming pools , gym, walking paths , sport courts and restaurants , in addition to surveillance cameras and security .

Invest in this project today and benefit from its prices which will increase by 40% after the completion of the project .

All the project details in this link : RH 80


 What are the advantages of buying a property in Turkey ? 

  1. Low tax in Turkey , the decision to reduce taxes in Turkey is one of a series of decisions concerning the real estate sector in Turkey , and was reflected positively in stimulating foreign investors to own property in Turkey , which contributed to the revival of the real estate market in Turkey in general . The most important tax deductions are : Exempting the foreign buyer from the value added tax due on the property .
  2. Obtaining a residence permit , where foreigners who own properties in Turkey , whose price is less than $ 250.000 , are granted a residence permit that is renewed annually . Real estate residence permit in Turkey is granted to the landlord , his wife , and his children under the age of 18 .
  3. Real estate in Turkey is the cheapest real estate investment in Europe , where real estate prices in Turkey are considerably cheaper than those in Europe , with similar features in infrastructure , and similar in structure of developed European countries .
  4. Real estate investment in Turkey provides a profitable investment return , based on the economic activity and rapid urban development , and the strength of tourism in Turkey , which is best reflected in the periods and tourist seasons , through the demand for rental homes during those seasons distributed throughout year .