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The most famous lakes in Turkey

The most famous lakes in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world , and it is a tourist destination for many people , due to the fact that Turkey includes various cities in its nature , beauty and tourism activities , it includes historical , recreational and coastal cities , mountains and forests , so travel to it is fun and It is a goal and goal for many .

Turkey is one of the most famous global tourist destinations , it is one of the favorite places for millions of tourists annually who flock to it throughout the days of the year , and Turkey is characterized by its pleasant mild weather and stunning natural scenery , in addition to hotels , monuments , palaces and museums , which bring together the art of the East and the West , and Turkey has enchanted people's minds with the beauty of its cities , its distinctive architecture and its cuisine rich in various dishes , sweets and food , and it is a tourist destination suitable for trips of individuals , couples and families .


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Salda Lake :

This lake , which is 1.180 meters long and located in Burdur City with its white sand like snow and its water like glass , is known as the Turkish Maldives , and it is also known as a volcanic crater . The color of the water in this mysterious lake begins with revealing colors , then it turns blue in the depths . The crater is 184 meters deep because it was formed by a volcanic eruption . Thanks to this feature , Lake Salda is gaining the title of the deepest lake in Turkey .

There are structures resembling white rocks on the outskirts of the lake . When touched , they are distributed as if they were leftovers and powder . Some believe that this lake bears the merits of Mars because these structures , called scientific stone rocks , were found in Mars . It is known that there are two places that possess this type of rock structures in the world , and they are Lake Salda and the other in Canada .

It takes 5 minutes to go from Burdur city center to Lake Salda .

When the weather is beautiful and the clouds are soft , it can be seen from close by , as if we were going to catch it . The sunset appears strange and enthralled visitors in the evening hours at the lake . Watching the sunset in the bright days is an experience not to be missed in the area that is a point that photographers will not be indispensable .

The aesthetic features of this region and the lake in particular have made photography enthusiasts enjoy this activity with great pleasure , and to produce luscious pictures that have spread widely on social media networks , and many tourists have said that the wonderful pictures of the lake prompted them to visit .

It is also possible to set up tents in the region in the vicinity of the lake , which is a destination for tourists from all over the world , and many interesting activities are held there , such as cycling with swimming , diving and bird watching .

And those in charge of the area have made it clear that the lake has become a rising tourist front that added a lot to the tourism sector in Turkey , and Lake Salda is one of the deepest lakes in the world with its sparkling waters and it is also possible to swim in it .

The lake , which hosts 30,000 foreign and domestic tourists this summer , is one of the world famous regions .

There is a small peninsula with a wonderful view , known as the " White Islands " , located above the lake , which appears due to the withdrawal of water in the summer . Although it may seem possible to swim on these peninsulas , officials recommend not to swim due to the sudden deepening of the lake and the type of sand .

Sapanca Lake :

Sapanca Lake is located between Izmit Bay and Adabazari . This lake is surrounded by green forests , where Sapanca Lake is located in Sapanca city within the Sakarya area in the Marmara region , where it surrounds Sapanca Lake from the northern side , Sapanca city near the major industrial cities such as Istanbul and Kocaeli, on the eastern side are Sakarya Province and the city of Adapazari , and the city of Kocaeli in the west , and the city of Geov , and Pamukova in the south , and the lake is also surrounded by an area of ​​251 square kilometers of mountains on the south side , and small hills on the north side , and there are many tables flowing into Sapanca's lake , many of which have dried up .

Sapanca Lake is one of the few lakes in Turkey , and its water is used for drinking and for industrial and household purposes , and the surrounding area has gained great importance and has become a magnet for daily trips and a place to spend the weekend due to the beauty of nature in it , and this lake is one of the most popular places in the area , where many visitors and tourists enjoy the beautiful natural scenery especially in the spring , and the snow that covers it in the winter , and the warm summer days , and for that there are some restaurants and cafes around the lake , and there are also many boutique and luxury hotels that offer means of health and relaxation by taking advantage of mineral water underground in the treatment of diseases , as it is close to Mount Kartepe which is one of the best places to practice winter sports , and also attract investors who want to buy real estate in Turkey .


Abant Lake :

Abant Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey , where it is considered as some of the most beautiful natural lakes in the world , because of its magnificence beauty and being surrounded by a large number of pine trees , oaks and willow , which increases the beauty and charm .

Abant Lake, which is located in the Turkish city of Bolu , is one of the most important natural places in the city , where the area of ​​Lake Abant 1.28 kilometers , and it reaches a depth of the deepest point to 18 meters , and is inhabited by the lake Abant a number of pets such as deer and rabbits and some birds .

Sitting at the lake and enjoying its clear waters , the birds hovering over it , the animals that inhabit it , as well as the plants and trees that surround the lake , all of course give you a great opportunity to relax and take a stroll with friends or family .

If you prefer to do some activities , you can do jogging , cycling or even horse riding around Abant Lake , and enjoy those activities in the heart of the magnificent nature .

Remember that your visit to Lake Abant is not associated with a particular season , as you can visit the lake in winter to enjoy the magnificent view of the lake and may snowfall , and see the landscape of the surrounding plants covered in snow .

Uzungol Lake :

Uzungol Lake was formed about five centuries ago , and it is located on the slopes of the Soganli Mountains which are covered with thick green trees , and a hundred kilometers from the city of Trabzon . Uzungol Lake is characterized by the beauty of its lush nature , its mellow greenery , and its relaxing and calm climate , and the pine trees surrounded by it from all sides . May and June , that is when the weather is moderate in Turkey , in addition to fishing for which the lake is famous , especially salmon , which is spread in abundance , and comes from the Black Sea , where this type of fish abounds thanks to its cold water , so salmon is a desired and distinctive food for tourists in Uzungol Lake , in addition to the area is rich in livestock , where they live deer and rare birds located in the eastern mountains of the Black Sea . The lake includes a group of small hotels , and shops that contain many souvenirs , and can be visited by car , or bus from Trabzon .