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Buyukcekmece district in Istanbul

Buyukcekmece district in Istanbul

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The Turkish city of Istanbul is a vast and wide city that spans two continents , Asia and Europe , and its terrain , nature and climate vary , and it is one of the richest cities in the world with historical monuments and tourist places that must be visited .

Istanbul includes a large number of regions that are divided over its Asian and European sides , and each region is characterized by a distinct atmosphere and features , including the areas overlooking the Bosphorus , and some areas that include gardens and a jungle , including areas famous for its towers and business centers , and a region Buyukcekmece on the European side of Istanbul is distinguished by its charming beach and sea view villas .

Buyukcekmece region is an independent region on the European side of the city , and it has its own advantages that have made it a distinguished destination for investment , housing and stability , and it is a destination for tourism and recreation , and it is also suitable for families and children with its attractive facilities , and from that the Buyukcekmece beach is wonderful facilities and restaurants with beautiful views .


RH 195 - Under construction villas with large areas in Buyukcekmece

It is a residential villas project comprises of 28 , 3-storey villas with a private garden of 300 m2 .

The project offers various options for villas 4+2 and 5+2 with an area of up to 270 m2 .

The project located in Buyukcekmece district on the European side of Istanbul , the new real estate investment center .

The unique and strategic location of the project near to Buyukcekmece Lake , which offers you with comfort and pleasure .

For more details about the project : RH 195


Buyukcekmece region is located on the coasts of the Sea of ​​Marmara in the European section of Istanbul , and it is bordered by the Beylikduzu and Esenyurt region to the east , the Silivri region famous for its luxurious villas to the west , and the Arnavutkoy region that includes Istanbul's new airport to the north .

Buyukcekmece is named after a lake located within this region , and this lake connects to the shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara , which gives it a special advantage .

And with the expansion of this region in the city of Istanbul , it is not considered as one of the densely populated areas, with an estimated population of 683 thousand people only .

It should be mentioned that the Buyukcekmece region is considered as a developed and modern area with its highways that connect it to the city center and other regions , with both the E5 southbound and E80 northbound passes , and they are one of the most important main roads in Istanbul , which are considered the backbone of city life in Istanbul , and its main arteries .

Buyukcekmece region is also linked by highways to the new Istanbul Airport , as mentioned earlier , which makes the journey to the airport only 30 minutes .

Buyukcekmece is also a top priority for the real estate investor due to the many housing and investment projects that have been and are being constructed , that include apartments and villas with enchanting sea views .

After a little distance from the city , he made her keep calm , as the annual rate of increase in the value of real estate in the Buyukcekmece region reached 18.2% in the last five years , and the price per square meter in it starts from $ 720 , according to statistics for the first half of 2018 , and therefore the recovery period Housing is estimated at 22 years .

The area of ​​the villas ranges between 180 - 1460 square meters , and it is suitable for those who prefer to live far away from the city's life and hustle and bustle , and whose work was close to it .


RH 218 - Residential complex with direct sea view in Buyukcekmece , ready for housing and suitable for Turkish citizenship

It is a housing and investing project that built on a land area of 11.000 square meters .

The project consists of 3 blocks ,188 housing units and 17 commercial units .

The project has been built by a well-known construction company in Turkey .

In this project, each flat has the characteristic of smart home.

The project offers apartment options ranging from 2+1 to 5+1 and duplexes .

The project located in Buyukcekmece district on the European side of Istanbul , the new real estate investment center .

The unique and strategic location of the project near to Buyukcekmece Lake , which offers you with comfort and pleasure .

All the stores , shopping points , private and government schools , preschools , kindergartens , banks , cafes and restaurants are just at a one-step distance to the project .

For more details about the project :  RH 218


 Sightseeing near Buyukcekmece region 

  • Buyukcekmece  Beach

Buyukcekmece is rich in its landmarks , as is the case with the rest of Istanbul , but the region has a long coastline , which made it an important areas for summer vacations and recreational trips and tourism , and the famous Buyukcekmece lake within the region’s borders provides an additional coastal environment , and a large flat waterfront , adding spectacular views to it , and fertile ground for distinguished real estate projects .

Buyukcekmece area includes many tourist attractions , such as : Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Bridge , Khan Kurshunlu , Sokollo Muhammed Pasha Mosque , and the path of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent .

  • Marmara Park Mall 

Marmara Park Mall is one of the largest and most famous malls and shopping centers on the European side of Istanbul , which includes a lot of international and Turkish brands , and many diverse international restaurants from around the world , and tourists always come to get special offers and to keep up with the latest fashion trends .

The shopping mall has four-storey that contain 250 shops , international and Turkish restaurants and cafes , and a huge cinema and children's amusement park make , which make it an ideal destination for you and your family to have fun .

Also , Marmara Park Mall has a number of stores selling home appliances , electrical appliances , electronics and furniture , as well as the huge Carrefour supermarket that will meet all your needs and your family wants .

Also , you will enjoy walking on the outside square of Marmara Park Mall , taking great photos with your family and friends .You can also have a cup of coffee at one of the outdoor cafes and enjoy the wonderful Istanbul atmosphere all the time of the year .

Marmara Park Mall is located in Esenyurt area on the European side of Istanbul . It is a promising and rapid developing area where towers , residential and commercial complexes , companies and offices are rising , and this area known for its low cost of living compared to the rest areas of Istanbul .

Marmara Park Mall is the most important place that is adjacent to the metrobus station , and is easily accessible by other public transport such as buses .

One of our most important residential projects in Esenyurt is Istanbul's flower project , which is just two minutes walk from Marmara Park Mall .

It is a housing and investment project was built on a total area of ​​28.000 square meters , and it consists of 7 buildings containing 477 apartments .

It contains an integrated leisure facilities with high quality materials and large green spaces .

The project is ready to move immediately , with a down payment of 40% and an installment up to 24 months , and you can get 10% discount for cash payment .

The materials used in the building has a high quality , and the project characterized by its special architectural touches .

Project details from here : RH 113


 Investing in Buyukcekmece villas 

For each of us the appropriate options , and in the real estate field in Turkey , the forms of real estate investment vary to include all styles and purposes , and there is no doubt that buying a villa in Istanbul is the most important thing that a foreign investor in Turkey aspires to .

Istanbul is considered as the investment point in Turkey , especially for those looking for sophistication , tranquility and profitable investment , as many Arab and foreign businessmen of different nationalities seek to own a property in Istanbul . One of the most important types of real estate that investors are looking for is residential villas , which are usually in coastal or touristic areas with distinction . Which means that you will not have to spend your next vacation in Istanbul to search for a furnished hotel or apartment as the villa will be located near the city center .

According to the statistics , the prices of villas in Istanbul start from $ 250.000 , which is the same amount that entitles you to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment , and may reach the limits of $ 25 million in areas bordering the Bosphorus Strait . Also , investing in the villa returns you with an annual return of approximately $ 500.000 , which ensures that you will get back the value of the property after several years .

These prices and previous investment returns certainly differ according to the region in which the property is located , with the highest prices being Sariyer and Uskudar , and at least the lowest in both Beylikduzu , Buyukcekmece and Basaksehir .


RH 152 - Apartments and villas with direct sea view at Beylikduzu marina

The project built on a 65.000 square meters with a private entrance , and it contains a full sea view villas with twin or detached villas ranging in size from 453 to 585 square meters .

With its own horizontal architectural design , West Istanbul Marina with the capacity of 900 yacht , beach, 1.5 km coastline , sports club , private school , hospital , seaside cafes & restaurants and shopping mall , the project offers utterly a town concept .

Marina Villas , where comfort and luxury is combined with functionality , brings a new dimension to the villa concept . These very special villas , which are defined as ‘ ideal villa ’ and consist of 5 different types , as twins and detached villas , are located just above West Istanbul Marina with its fascinating sea view in one of the most beautiful places of the project .

A life beyond your dreams is waiting for you in Marina Villas with its spacious interior space with columns in the height of duplex , elevator , large kitchen , multipurpose rooms , closed garage , living space for the servant independent from villa , and special architectural solutions designed for your comfort that you will never find anywhere .

The project located on the European side of Istanbul , on Yakuplu Beach . The project is easily accessible by both land and sea .

The project promises a comfortable life for its residents that it is close to main roads , E5 and TEM Highway bridges and airports , and it is easy accessible by public transportation .

For more details about the project : RH 152


 Advantages of investing in Turkey : 

  1. Turkey usually treats the foreign investor in a way that is close to the local investor at a rate that may reach 100% , which is one of the most important advantages of investing in Turkey .
  2. The Turkish economy is among the most economies around the world that have a brilliant future . Expectations indicate that during the next ten years it will become one of the fastest growing economies around the world , because of its attraction of $ 15 billion in foreign investment annually , and the amount increases every year , as it is the sixteenth economy around the world .
  3. The population of Turkey helps to invest money , as the population of Turkey is 77.7 million , and Turkey is the largest in terms of youth in relation to the European Union , not only that , but also that its population of young people enjoys a high degree of culture and education .
  4. The infrastructure in Turkey has advanced high technology in all the things that a successful investment requires from transportation , remote means of communication and advanced marine transportation facilities and is characterized by its low cost .
  5. Low corporate income tax from 33% to 20% , and technological development areas and free and industrial areas are characterized by incentives and tax benefits, there is a total or partial exemption from corporate income tax , Turkey is characterized by laws that support innovation , research and development .


 The incentives offered by the Turkish government to foreign investors : 

As the Turkish government provides facilities and incentives for foreign investors who want to invest in Turkey , and through this it gives them the right to obtain Turkish citizenship according to several conditions :

  1. When buying a property in Turkey with a value of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars at least $ 250.000 , provided that the property is preserved and not sold for three years .
  2. When investing in fixed capital with no less than five hundred thousand dollars , $ 500.000 .
  3. Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners who show a document proving that they have deposits in the bank with a value of no less than five hundred thousand dollars , $ 500.000 , and that the deposits remain in the bank for a period of three years .
  4. Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners who prove that they have purchased borrowing bonds from the state , provided that these bonds are not sold for a period of three years .

And those who obtain Turkish citizenship enjoy many advantages , including :

  1. The strength of the Turkish passport , as the Turkish passport ranks 39th globally , giving its holder the right to enter 72 countries without a visa .
  2. Turkish passport and Turkish nationality are processed and delivered in a relatively short period of up to 30 days .
  3. Turkey's relationship with the European Union , where negotiations and agreements are still ongoing between the Turkish government and the European Union countries regarding Turkey's accession to the European Union . Turkish citizens have the right to enter Europe without a visa in the future .
  4. The ability of Turkish passport holders and Turkish citizenship to benefit from retirement programs as a Turkish citizen .
  5. The Turkish government provides free education and payment plans to the university for holders of Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship .
  6. The Turkish passport gives its holder all voting rights for all types of elections in Turkey .
  7. The Turkish government allows dual citizenship for those who hold Turkish passports , as they can also have dual citizenship .
  8. The Turkish passport has a validity of 10 years upon receipt and can be renewed for life .
  9. The economic importance of Turkey , including the ongoing reforms undertaken by the Turkish government with the aim of always reviving its economy .