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The most famous Turkish desserts

The most famous Turkish desserts

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Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world . It is the same country that includes some of the most beautiful cities in the world , which are visited by tourists and visitors from all over the world , such as the splendid city of Istanbul , with its Bosphorus bridges and the majestic mosques , which are spread throughout the city , and with its rich nature , which gives it a beautiful appearance .

Istanbul is a charming and unique city from the rest of the world . Istanbul is the largest city on the continent of Europe , and the eighth largest city in the world , and the largest city in Turkey , with a population of 14.804.116 people , according to the statistics of 2019 . Istanbul is the economic , commercial and cultural center of the country , due to its strategic location between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea , as well as linking the Asian part of Turkey to the European section through the famous Bosphorus Bridge .

Along with other cities like Antalya , the bride of the Turkish coast , is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey . It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the southwestern part of the State of Turkey , so it is located on the coastal slopes and surrounded by mountains on all sides . Antalya is known as a center for development and investment and it is one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists from all over the world , especially Europeans and Russians .

In this article everything you want to know about Turkey and the most important cities of Turkey : Genetal ingormation about Turkey


Beside that , Turkey is famous for its delicious food , and Turkish cuisine is varied in itself . In cities such as Istanbul and Izmir , spices are frequently used in food , and rice is served along with cooked vegetables , fish and mahshies , in keeping with Ottoman traditions .

As for the Black Sea region , it was influenced by European cuisine , and relies heavily on fish , while the southeast in Turkey is similar to Arab cuisine , and shared with it some of the dishes such as baklava , kunafa and kebab . In western Turkey , olive oil is widely used for cooking , where olive trees are planted here .

This article details the most important and famous traditional Turkish food that you should try when visiting Turkey : The most popular Turkish dishes


Turkish sweets are considered as one of the most delicious sweets in the world , and have international fame for their sweet taste and ability to tempt you to eat more of them , and no tourists or visitors to the State of Turkey can not try its delicious sweets , Turkish sweets are distinct from all sweets with a special character , blends It has eastern and western magic .

Turkish desserts vary and different , depending on the type of Turkish cuisine it belong to . Historically , Turkish sweets have influenced Arab cuisines , and we may still use the names of most of the most famous Turkish sweets in Arab countries , such as Qatayef and Baklava , while preserving the distinctiveness of each country in how it is prepared and its flavor varies .


 An old Turkish proverb says: “ eat sweets , speak sweetly ”, and one of the most famous Turkish sweets is : 


  • Turkish Baklava

Baklava is a sweet pastry consisting of thin layers of dough and stuffed with different types of nuts , so , Turkish baklava has several types , including baklava with pistachio and baklava with walnuts , and sweetened by pouring sugar syrup or honey on them , and make it more coherent , and some add to the Turkish dondorma or milk ice cream .

Baklava is renowned in Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisines , and it is among the 16 non European food and beverage brands that have been honored and included in the list of the 10 most popular foods in the world .

Turkish baklava is famous for its delicious crunchy taste , which succeeded in attracting tourists and visitors before Turkish citizens , who consider it their favorite sweet .

Baklava is present in all the rituals and celebrations of the Turks and their occasions , and they are even offered as gifts , and friends are invited to eat Baklave in the restaurants . It is not uncommon for a visitor to carry some Baklava from Turkey , where it is a valuable gift that he can give to his friends and relatives .

Although the baklava was adorned with the tables of the Ottoman sultans , it was not popularly known as it is today . An annual baklava festival is held in Turkey , where tons of Turkish baklava are offered to citizens .

As for the origin of the word Baklava , the West knew it in 1650 , and they took the word Baklava from the term of its own to the Ottomans . The pronunciation of a word varies from language to language . Although there are few documents to prove the history of baklava , it is known that baklava originated in the royal kitchen at Topkapi Palace .

  • Turkish Kunafa

Kunafa is one of the most famous and oriental sweets in the world , and it is one of the desserts that are associated in the minds of many of the holy month of Ramadan , where it is frequently prepared and presented in this holy month , while in Turkey , it is one of the desserts that are prepared and provided by Cafes and restaurants throughout the day , along with a cup of Turkish tea or authentic Turkish coffee , and it has different ways of preparing and decorating , so as to attract you to try it constantly .

Turkish kunafa is characterized by the taste of sweet cheese or hot cream , and you can use in it the type of mozzarella cheese , and it is vary in the amounts of preparation , or method of preparation from one region to another , and added to the its face some of sugar and nuts , which is one of the most delicious Turkish food .

Kunafa stuffed with cheese , sweet and salty at the same time , it is difficult to avoid trying Kunafa when you visit Turkey , where you can smell the delicious aroma of Kunafa in the streets .

The Turkish Kunafa attracts the connoisseur with its crispy view from the outside unlike its soft fillings that dissolve in the mouth , and it is decorated with pistachios , kimak or ice cream , or simply eat it as it is , preferably hot .

  • Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is one of the traditional sweets in Turkey , and it is among the best and most famous Anatolian dessert in the world . Although there are many myths about the beginning of the emergence of the Turkish Delight , most historians agree that it originated in the Ottoman Palace .

The story began with the Ottoman popular dessert hundreds of years ago , in the Anatolia region , by mixing honey and molasses ( sweet grape molasses ) , with flour , forming a local dessert , and by the end of the eighteenth century moved to the world of local industry and then global .

Turkish Delight is a soft , sweet and chewy sticky dessert , usually served after a cup of Turkish coffee , to ease the weight of Turkish coffee that is usually served in Turkish restaurants and cafes .

Turkish Delight contains a variety of nuts , such as walnuts , almonds and pistachios , in addition to some different flavors , including the flavor of rose , strawberry , pomegranate , lemon and orange , and it is at the top of the list of souvenirs bought by tourists from Turkey . Thousands of boxes are sold all over Turkey throughout the year . Turkish sources recently reported that the amount of Turkish Delight sold exceeded 510 tons at Istanbul Ataturk Airport in 2018 .

With its distinctive taste , the Turkish delight continues to be a constant companion for family events , and a friend of sweet and beautiful moments in every time and place .

According to the latest data from the Turkish Statistical Organization ( government ) , Britain is the largest importer of the Turkish delight , where the volume of exports of this product to 520 tons , valued at one million and 572 thousand and 800 dollars . The famous markets of Istanbul and its various neighborhoods and Turkish cities are almost free from the shops of the Turkish delight . The sale of this dessert also intensifies in tourist areas , where specialized shops are spread along the city's archaeological streets , such as Sultanahmet , Beyazit and Aksaray .

Dozens of types of Turkish delight are produced , benefiting from modern technologies to be presented in different forms , with many flavors of lemon , rose , blossom water , chocolate , coffee and other flavors .

  • Turkish Trilece Cake

Turkish Trilece Cake or milk cake , is known as the legend of sweets in the Balkan countries , where the Trilece Cake date back to the Balkans , where settled in Turkey to become one of the most famous Turkish sweets . Trilece Cake differs in the way of preparing , serving and decorating from one country to another . Trilece Cake means the three dairy products that were made from goat milk , sheep and beef milk , but you can make them at home with one type of milk , which is the usual method today . This dessert from the Balkans was able to shine its star in a short period of time , it is one of the most delicious Turkish sweets , which impress the young and old .

The main ingredients of this dessert are milk , cream and caramel , and they are presented in a different way and taste , where the entire face is covered with caramel , taking into account that the dessert is very thin and fragile . Trilece Cake is served in all Turkish restaurants and cafes , especially in Istanbul and Bursa , where it is served with Turkish tea or coffee .

  • Turkish Sutlac

Turkish Sutlac dessert is a very popular and traditional dessert in Turkey , which is widely sold in restaurants and cafes , and it is one of the main dishes and desserts .

Turkish Sutlac is a memorable taste . It is prepared in a skillful way and grilled slightly in the oven to give it the desired color . It is a milk rice . Turkish Sutlac sweet is made of rice , milk , sugar and raisins , and some nuts, and cinnamon .

Sutlac dessert is also a popular dessert in some Arab countries .

Turkish Sutlac is not only a sweet or dessert , but also a painting that painted the heat of the oven on its surface to give it an attractive color . Turkish Sutlac dessert is served in crockery giving a traditional Turkish feel .

  • Turkish Tulumba sweet

Turkish Tulumba sweet is considered as a popular dessert in Turkey , and its origin dates back to the Balkans and Bosnia , and the Arabs call it Balah al-Sham , because of its shape similar to dates . The dessert is made from a mixture of semolina , flour , sugar and eggs , then fried it in oil and add to it the sweetener and decorate it with grated pistachio .

The popularity of Turkish Tulumba dessert has increased in some seasons such as the holy month of Ramadan , and it is widely sold in popular markets and famous places such as Taksim Square in Istanbul .

The famous Taksim Square , which is intended for Arab and foreign tourists from all over the world , where the number of visitors to this region nearly 3 million people on a daily basis . Taksim Square is located in the heart of Istanbul . Taksim Square is a major center for many activities . It is also a major tourist destination . It includes the famous Istiklal Street which contains many shops and archaeological buildings .

  • Turkish Irmik helvasi

Turkish Irmik helvasi , a traditional dessert known and loved by the Turks , which are found on the tables of hospitality and on holidays and parties .

Turkish Irmik helvasi is one of the most important Ottoman desserts , consisting of semolina , and spread throughout the Ottoman Caliphate during the Ottoman period , and it is now spread throughout the cities and Turkey .

Turkish Irmik helvasi id offered with milk and cream , sometimes decorated with pistachios , and it is a light and delicious Turkish dessert . Sugar , semolina , oil , pistachio , hazelnuts and walnuts are the main ingredients of Turkish Irmik helvasi .

Turkish Irmik helvasi is sometimes served in Turkish condolences with Turkish coffee , and it is found in all restaurants throughout the Turkish cities , but the most famous city of Turkish Irmik helvasi , which offers it in a distinctive way , is the city of Izmir .

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey .This city is located in western Turkey , especially on the shores of the Aegean Sea . It has a population of approximately 3.7 million people . Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey . It is the capital of the Aegean region , and it is classified as an important commercial center in the region , and has the second largest Turkish ports after the famous port of Istanbul .

The city of Izmir has many historical and tourist attractions , as it contains many distinctive attractions , which made it one of the most important and most prominent tourist cities in Turkey .