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The Bosphorus , and the beautiful bridges of Istanbul

The Bosphorus , and the beautiful bridges of Istanbul

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Istanbul is a charming and unique city from the rest of the world cities . Istanbul is the largest city on the continent of Europe , and the eighth largest city in the world , and the largest city in Turkey , with a population of 14.804.116 people , according to the statistics of 2019 . Istanbul is the economic , commercial and cultural center of the country , due to its strategic location between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea , as well as linking the Asian part of Turkey to the European section through the famous Bosphorus Bridge .

The city of Istanbul is characterized by a relatively mild climate , due to its location between the continents of Asia and Europe , and the summer of Istanbul is especially hot in July and August , the maximum temperature in Istanbul may reach 37 degrees Celsius , while winter is very cold , especially in January and February , winter rains fall on the city of Istanbul and snow covers most areas and the temperature reaches seven degrees below zero .

Istanbul is one of the most religiously diverse cities in Turkey . Islamic religion is the most prevalent religion among the population of Istanbul , followed by Christianity . Turkish is the official language in Istanbul . A number of other languages such as Arabic and English are supported .

The city of Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey and in the world , where it is visited by tourists and visitors of different nationalities and religions , because of the nature of this beautiful city and its distinctive scenic and nice weather , in addition to being overlooking the charming Bosphorus Strait .

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The Strait is a canal , that connects two bodies of water , and if we say a waterway , a canal or a strait , all lead to the same meaning .

The Bosphorus is a waterway that connects the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Marmara , and it divides the city of Istanbul into two parts , one part in the European continent and the other part within the Asian continent .

The importance of all the straits in the world lies in their economic and political role , especially since the Strait may sometimes be the only way out for many sea routes , and the Bosphorus in Istanbul is of great importance in reviving the economy of Turkey and Istanbul .

The length of the Bosphorus is about twenty seven kilometers , the width of the northern entrance of the Black Sea is about 3.9 kilometers , and the narrowest parts of the Strait reach between six hundred and forty to seven hundred meters only , and the depth of water in the Bosphorus between thirty six hundred and one hundred and twenty two meters .

The Bosphorus Strait is also called the Istanbul Strait , because it is located in the heart of Istanbul , Turkey . The Bosphorus has two major ports in Istanbul . In the western part of the city there is the " Golden Horn " which is its western port , while in the eastern part there is the port " Haydarpasa " which is located in the Asian part of Istanbul .

The waters of Bosphorus Strait are considered to be within international navigation , as ships pass through the Strait in one direction , and pass through the Bosphorus Strait at least fifty five thousand ships annually , loaded with goods and holdings .

According to many indications , the Bosphorus is a river but flooded by sea , and has two sources in opposite directions , the upper is fresh and the lower is salty .


 Bosphorus bridges 


The Bosphorus Strait , which is located in the heart of Istanbul , divides the city into two parts , an Asian section and a European section . Thus , the government has found a practical way to move between the two parts of the city , the Turkish government has established a number of bridges linking these two sections to facilitate movement , rather than means of maritime transport . These bridges are :


  • 15 July Martyrs Bridge " The Bosphorus Bridge " :

The Bosphorus Bridge is located above the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul , which connects the Black Sea from the north to the Sea of ​​Marmara from the south . The eastern end of the bridge starts in Beylerbeyi area on the Asian side of Istanbul , while its western tip reaches the Ortakoy area in the European part of the city .

The bridge is 1510 meters long , 39 meters wide , 65 meters above sea level , and it is carried by metal and concrete columns with a height of 165 meters , 10 meters apart , and it is the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world .

The steel wire stretched between the legs of the bridge provides an additional lifting brace . The 10,412 wires , ranging in thickness from 0.5 to 1 centimeter , connect together to form strong metal beams that carry the bridge .

The Bosphorus Bridge crosses every day about two hundred thousand vehicles , between cars and passenger buses and trucks to transport goods and others , and carries about 600 thousand people traveling between the ends of the city .

Prime Minister Adnan Menderes made the decision to build the Bosphorus Bridge in 1957 . For engineering and construction , a contract was signed with the British company Freeman Fox and Co. in 1968 . The bridge was designed by renowned British civil engineer Sir Gilbert Roberts , who also designed the Humber Bridge , Severn Bridge , Fourth Road Bridge , Auckland Harbor Bridge and Volta River Bridge . The crew consisted of 35 engineers and 400 men who worked on the Bosphorus Bridge project .

The Bosphorus Bridge was completed on October 30 , 1973 , one day after the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic . The bridge costed $ 200 million .

The Turkish government changed the name of the bridge from the Bosphorus Bridge to the July 15 Martyrs Bridge after the failed coup attempt in 2016 .

  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge:

Two years after the opening of the Bosphorus Bridge , there was a congestion in the movement of cars and pedestrian traffic , as a result of the increasing population in the city of Istanbul , which made it of great importance and urgency in the initiation of the construction of another bridge to be synonymous with the Bosphorus Bridge , and the Turkish government established the bridge Mehmet Fatih , this bridge is located above the Bosphorus Bridge , and was called the second Bosphorus Bridge , and was opened in 1988 , with a length of 1090 meters , and a height of the water surface of 64 meters , and from the ground a distance of 105 meters , that is 164 meters high , and the bridge was named after the conqueror Sultan Mehmet in honor of the glory and recognition of his efforts to open the city of Istanbul and its liberation from the rule of the Byzantine succession .

Also , Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge comes within the longest bridges in the world , which is located in the fourteenth place .

The Fatih Bridge added a touch of art to the Bosphorus Strait , where it was designed by the same company that designed the first Bosphorus Bridge , which reflects its colors at night to shine on the waters of the Bosphorus Strait , and allows the passage of ships under it with a smooth flow , and the cost of the construction of this bridge is one hundred and thirty million US dollars , and it is considered as the first to cross this bridge was Turgut Özal , who drove his official car , and was registered as the first person to cross the bridge .

  • Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge :

The Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge in Istanbul is one of the largest suspended bridges in the world . It connects the Asian section of Istanbul to the European section . It is 2164 meters long and its columns are among the highest in the world with a height of 322 meters . The Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge is the longest Suspended bridge supported by rail tracks in the world .

The Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge passes through the Bosphorus Strait , linking the Asian and European parts of Istanbul , and it is part of a huge project that will allow the city to expand towards the Black Sea .

The construction of the Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge took four years , and it was opened by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on August 26 , 2016 , in the presence of thousands of Turkish citizens who carried Turkish flags .

The cost of the bridge was about 900 million dollars . It was built by a South Korean hybrid company , Hyundai SK. , and it was designed by French architect Michel Verlugo and Swiss architect Jean-Francois Klein , Verlugo described the building as the most magnificent in recent years , which puts Turkey in the top spot in the world .

The Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge is characterized by hybrid geometry . It is suspended and equipped with columns at the same time , which is a very creative and innovative design , since no such bridge has been built in the world since the 19th century .

The bridge , which is modeled after the Brooklyn Bridge in New York , USA , is 59 meters wide and contains ten tracks , including two railway trains .

The bridge , in turn , will ease traffic congestion in Istanbul , a city of 14 million people , as well as reduce fuel costs and save labor time . One of the aims of its construction is also to relieve pressure on the other two bridges that pass over the Bosphorus , where 150 million vehicles pass through it every year .



 Areas overlooking the Bosphorus 


Sariyer district :

Sariyer district is located on the European side of Istanbul city , and it is one of the charming areas that overlooking the Bosphorus , which is a center of tourism and investment in Istanbul .

Sariyer is known as a district of politicians , artists and rich people . It contains many of palaces with a sea view that goes back to the Ottoman period .

Properties in Sariyer are known for its sea views , and along its coast there are a lot of restaurants and cafes , so it is considered as a great area for residents and tourists in Istanbul .

Sariyer also has an extensive green areas such as Belgrade Forest , Emirgan Park and Ataturk Park , which has more than 1500 trees .

Sariyer district is an ideal choice if you want a place of residence , with the availability of basic services such as education , health and transportation .

Sariyer contains the most famous universities in Istanbul , such as Istanbul Technical University , Bosphorus University , Marmara University and Doğa College , so it attracts students from all over the world . Also , it contains many hospitals and public clinics that provide health care to the residents .

One of the most popular real estate areas in Sariyer is Tarabya , Yenikoy , and Istinye , and each has its own distinctive character .

Besiktas area :

Besiktas is the second center of Istanbul , and the most popular destination for tourists and visitors to Istanbul after Taksim . The area of ​​Besiktas includes a number of fine restaurants and cafes that offer delicious meals with a charming view of the Bosphorus .

Besiktas also contains a number of historical monuments , including the famous Dolmabahce Palace , which overlooks the Bosphorus , was the residence of the Ottoman sultans , and the founder of the Turkish Republic Kemal Ataturk .

Also , the Maritime Museum is located in the area of ​​Besiktas , which contains the naval warfare equipment used by the Ottomans at the time , and contains an exhibition of naval battles and historical cannons , navigation tools and ship integration and related documents .

Besiktas area also includes OrtaKoy district , where the famous OrtaKoy Mosque , also known as Buyuk Macidiye , is located .

It is an architectural masterpiece overlooking the Bosphorus ,  its construction was ordered by Sultan Abdul Majid and designed by the architect Nikoğos Balyan who studied architecture in France , and the mosque was opened in 1854 .

Ortakoy Mosque is one of the most important symbols of the city of Istanbul , because of its privileged location as it enjoys views of the Strait and the July 15 Martyrs Bridge or the so-called Bosphorus Bridge .

The mosque includes several paintings in Arabic calligraphy . The paintings include the word majesty , the name of the Prophet Muhammad , as well as the names of the Caliphs , and all of these paintings are distinguished by the fact that Sultan Abdul Majid wrote them in his own handwriting .

Also , one of the most popular places in Besiktas is Bosphorus Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul ( 5 stars ) . It is located next to the Bosphorus , this impressive 19th - century Ottoman mansion is one of the most beautiful hotels in Istanbul . Its magnificent pink marble facade , classy service , very elegant interiors and charming Bosphorus views will make you fall in love with this hotel . It is a very luxurious hotel in Istanbul . The hotel has a number of fine restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines from around the world , such as Italian restaurants , as well as the most famous Turkish restaurants and cafes with great seaside .

Uskudar area :

Located on the Asian side of Istanbul , Uskudar area overlooks the Bosphorus Strait from the eastern side , and covers an area of ​​about 58 square kilometers .

Uskudar is one of the most prestigious tourist areas in Istanbul , because of its elegant historical landmarks , such as towers , palaces , mosques from the Greek era to the Ottoman era , in addition to many natural parks , which are famous for its panoramic height , revealing the beauty of the city , making it one of the most important places of Asian side of Istanbul for residence , and one of the best tourist areas in Turkey .

One of the most important landmarks of Uskudar area is Camlica Hill , which is one of the most beautiful and natural places to resort for residents and visitors to Istanbul , because of its charming views and scenic nature and quiet atmosphere , away from the bustle of Istanbul , in addition to its long-standing history Of Byzantine civilization .

During the Ottoman era , the hill was transformed into a royal amusement park , with summer residences and hunting grounds . In time , the hill became an open park for the public , and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asian Istanbul . It is also one of the most beautiful gardens of Istanbul .

Also, Uskudar area on the Asian side of Istanbul is famous for its Maiden's Tower . It is ideally located in the heart of the Bosphorus , the Maiden's Tower is located in the Asian side of Istanbul , which is 200 meters from the coast of Uskudar area , and famous for legends and old stories that have been circulated around it , making it part of the Turkish heritage and culture , to become with the times of the best places in Istanbul , and Istanbul's most visited sightseeing destination during Turkey's tourism holidays .

One of the things you can do when visiting the Maiden's Tower in Istanbul is to go on a cruise by boat to take you to the tower , where you can see the majestic shape of the tower from outside . The top floor of the Maiden's Tower features a sophisticated cafe and a restaurant serving delicious meals with panoramic views of the city .


 Real estate projects with Bosphorus view 


  • RH 80 - Apartments with Bosphorus view and suitable payment plans in Sisli

One of the most important residential projects in Sisli is a tower with luxury apartments with a dreamy view of the Bosphorus . The project is under construction and it earns its importance among all projects in the area bocause of its competitive prices where the prices of apartments in this project is 30% less than ready-to-move projects immediately , so it is an Ideal option for those who are looking to invest .

It is a residential investment project consists of 44 floors containing 599 housing units , 60 offices and 18 commercial units . The project offers options for apartments ranging from 1+1 to 4.5+1 . The project also provides social services and facilities for residents such as gardens , gym , swimming pools , sauna , Turkish bath and children's play areas .

All the details on the following link : RH 80


  • RH 186 - Investment project in Uskudar with Bosphorus view

It is a housing and investment project was built on a land area of 13.840 square meters . The project consists of 4 blocks with 188 apartments and 138 commercial areas .The project provides apartment types ranging from 1+1 to 5+2 .

The project is located on one of the most special spots of Istanbul , where you will wake up to the deep blue Bosphorus view every day .

The project is located in Uskudar district in the Asian side of Istanbul . It is located near to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and it is only 2.4 km away from the beach .

The perfect location of the project where you can get into the European side of Istanbul through the 15 July Martyrs Bridge , Besiktas and Taksim in 15 Minutes only .

The project offers you and your family the perfect lifestyle you have always dreamed of , where private security and surveillance cameras are available on the project . The project also includes recreational facilities for you and your children such as swimming pools , gym , sauna , garden , cafe , restaurant and shopping center .

All the details on the following link : RH 186