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The most popular Turkish dishes

The most popular Turkish dishes

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Turkish cuisine is famous for its cultural diversity and it represents a combination of Arab, Kurdish, Persian, Indian and Armenian culture. Turkish food has spread very quickly around the world to add its taste on all the tables.

As those who come to Turkey for tourism find delicious food very easily due to the diversity of Turkish cuisine, which is similar to many cuisines, especially Arabic.

The most popular Turkish food you must try in Turkey:



Menemen is one of the most important Turkish dishes in the Turkish breakfasts in several regions of Turkey. It consists of eggs and tomatoes in addition to pepper and spices, and each region in Turkey makes the Menemen in its own way. Its components differ slightly in the preparation method and some ingredients such as tomatoes and peppers.


One of the most popular Turkish dishes that Turkish people prefer to eat at breakfast. It is one of the Turkish pastries, stuffed with cheese, chicken, meat, spinach or potatoes.


A famous Turkish dish originating in the Black Sea region. It is one of the pastries that is prepared in a special way. It uses meat, eggs and cheese and is placed over a special dough. It is a fast and nutritious meal for Turkish workers.

Cig kofte

One of the most popular Turkish dishes, which dates back thousands of years. It is found in Turkish, Armenian and Kurdish cuisine. It is somewhat similar to (Kibbeh) but differs in ingredients.

Balik Ekmek

It is one of the most delicious dishes offered by Turkish cuisine, consisting of fillet, onions, tomatoes and leafy vegetables with Turkish delicacies. There are several recipes and places to serve these sandwiches, specially in Eminono in Istanbul, the old Ottoman bazaar for serving fish sandwiches.

Tantuni Kebabi

Tantoni is made up of small pieces of meat or chicken cut and fried with olive oil and vinegar, added to it some spices with stirring and served with lemon and parsley.

Iskender Kebab

It was first prepared in 1867 and was dubbed "Iskandar Kebab" by the Turkish chef "Mohammad Ugly Iskandar Effendi, a native of the Turkish city of Bursa in the 19th century. The meat cuts into strips and placed on pieces of bread, and dipped with tomato sauce and boiled butter and served with yogurt and grilled peppers. It is considered as a Turkish heritage dish and a legacy of the descendants of Iskander.


It is one of the most popular dishes in Turkey and it is similar to the Turkish shawarma, which is a sheep's intestines that are well cleaned with water and are soaked with vinegar, lemon, salt, garlic, pepper and olive oil, and grilled on a skewer in contrast to the Turkish shawarma, usually grilled on charcoal, and served as a sandwich with salad.


Turkish shawarma is very popular and it is different from the shawarma spread in the Arab countries.


One of the most popular dishes offered by kiosks in Turkey. It is a grilled potato, that stuffed with several types of salads and mayonnaise. The most famous areas that served the Kumpir is "Kumpir Alley" in Ortakoy, Istanbul.