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Several Reasons Make You Visit Turkey Even Once In Your Life

Several Reasons Make You Visit Turkey Even Once In Your Life

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Despite the difficult and the vicissitudes times that have passed, the shine, luster, and attractiveness of Turkey are not lost, especially for travelers determined to experience one of the most fascinated  and beautiful destinations on Earth. That when it comes to memories, Turkey has a lifetime value waiting for passengers to pick up.

Crystal clear waters, tall mountains, the ruins of ancient empires, small idyllic villages, huge cosmopolitan cities—Turkey’s many facets are what make it so unique and why it has continued to attract visitors. Culture Trip takes a look at some of the best reasons to book your trip.

Breathtaking natural beauty, historical and archaeological sites, steadily improving hotel and tourism infrastructure, and a tradition of hospitality and competitive prices. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Turkey has become one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. In Turkey, you will experience an incredible diversity of nature, culture, history, beliefs and ideas. Turkey is currently is among the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world, attracting almost 50 million tourists annually.


With sunken cities in history, beaches and beautiful countryside, visit Turkey is a charming holiday. The diverse offerings such as the ancient ruins of Ephesus to luxurious beach resorts along the Aegean will captivate and fascinate even the most delightful traveler. Istanbul, once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, is clearly visible in most of the travel plans. Ankara is the heartland of the turbulent Turkey, the shrine o"  Imra al-Qais”, the capital of Turkey since 23 October 1932, and the second largest city after Istanbul, Anatolia is in the middle of Turkey. Ankara is famous for its shopping malls, both popular old markets or modern markets, and thus has the best shopping areas, which appeal to locals and foreigners. There are many cities with other great destinations, when your feet are stretched out over it, remains a fossil in the memory hard to forget.


Endless Reasons that Makes you Love Turkey so Much!

As “Robin Leach” stated:


 “Travel is very subjective. What one person loves, another loathes”  


Turkey is one of the amazing countries you can think of. You would say: Why? What? Haven’t you said you love this and that visited before countries, How come?. People have a different impression and direction towards tourism and their future tourist desires and even the adventures they want to go through in the arena of tourism.

There is something significant need to be said, something which many travel bloggers never say! Not all the destinations are for everyone.  Here you have it. There are a lot of places around the Globe is highly  recommended to everyone, however, not many people will go that path. Because everyone will choose his preferred. Preference could happened through preliminary awareness, and that is precisely what is all about our attempts to highlight list of endless reasons that you make you love Turkey so much. It is indeed some good reasons to justify to your beloved ones why you booked to the country no one thought about visiting before.  

You’ll Love Turkey because: 

History There is no more historically diverse country in the world than Turkey. From the Trojans, to the Mongols, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans, many major empires and cultures have left their mark on modern-day Turkey. This has resulted in a wide variety of historical sites for visitors to discover.

The clear crown jewel of ruins in Turkey is Ephesus. In the first century BC, the city was one the largest in the Roman empire and had a population of 250,000. The city is the location of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis, and widely considered by many as the burial-place of the Apostle John. 

Today, the city is a hotbed of tourist activity for its fantastic ancient ruins, which include several large theaters and the amazing Library of Celsius. It’s definitely something not to miss.

However, Ephesus isn’t the only place where you can gaze at ancient buildings; Turkey is chock-full of them. Whether you see some of the fantastic buildings in Istanbul, Cappadocia, or Trabzon, or opt to see the ruins of Troy and Dalian, there is something for anyone who is even mildly interested in historical cities and architecture.


People  Turkish people, WOW! There is not enough words to describe how funny, welcoming, charming, people loving and helpful they are. You might have traveled endless to many different countries, and you definitely think that the Turkish people must be some of the friendliest in the world. Unlike some countries you visited, you certainly experienced that everybody is looking at you, the locals don’t look down on you because you are a visitor. In fact, they go out of their way to help you successfully travel around their country. They love fun, they love good food, they love their drinks. Which you  call those: simple pleasure in life  and very keen to share it with their guests.

Turks are in general very friendly and have a great hospitality. Don’t be surprised if they invite you for some Chay or Coffee, or even sometimes for dinner, even if you’re a stranger. They are eager to learn about other's culture, and passion that you show your eagerness to their culture. Most importantly, Turkish people are known for their profound hospitality and spending time with them is a truly very valuable lesson in genuine human relationships. You’ll always be invited over to someone’s house for a delicious meal or at least a few glasses of Turkish tea and something sweet.


The Food Oh food, glorious food! At the crossroads of so many cultures, it is no wonder that Turkish cuisine is full of flavor. Distilling the best parts of Asian, European, and Middle Easter cuisine has made Turkish gastronomy one of the country’s most successful exports. But to enjoy the perfect Shwarma, Kofte, or Kebab, you have to visit the country for yourself.

Moreover, the Turkish kitchen is a true amalgamation of its many regions that all have their own recipes and ingredients, not to mention the multitudinous inventions of the imperial Ottoman kitchens. As such, a glimpse into Turkish cuisine is always a unique experience for those who’d like to understand the country’s many dishes on a more practical level.

Moreover, Turkish kitchen is a true fusion of many of the culinary cultures of its many regions, all of which are full of recipes and ingredients of their own, as well as the multiple creations of Ottoman imperial cuisine. Thus, a gesture to Turkish cuisine is always a unique experience for those who wish to understand the diverse dishes in the country on a practical level of refined taste.


Every region in Turkey has its own kitchen culture, including distinct ingredients and their resulting recipes. As such, Turkish cuisine is much more than tasty kebab and baklava, including fresh seafood and meze, a whole world of desserts, huge breakfast spreads, Ottoman classics, vegetable dishes, and much more.

With such an incredible cuisine, it’s no wonder that Turkey also has a lot of food shopping opportunities from open-air markets to bazaars and everything in between. The many neighborhood markets are where locals buy their fresh produce, while the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar is where tourists like to do some shopping.

Sweets, we know we have already mention food. But Turkish sweets deserve a separated place on this list. Once you try them you will understand what indeed the talk about! And such talk comes from a person who always emphasizes that he is not a big admirer of sweets’.

Zerde, Tulumba, Revani, Delicious Turkish Kunefe, Cezerey and hundreds of others! Oh and Acıbadem Kurabiyesi (Almond Cookies)  nobody  never say NO to them! If you are on diet, sorry, but you will fail. It is simply, unavoidable.

Turkish Tea “Chay While both Chinese and Indians claim that they first discovered the use and drink of Tea thousands of years ago, Turks evolved their own way of making and drinking the black tea (Chay  in Turkish), which became a way of life for their  culture. Wherever you go in Turkey, tea or coffee will be offered as a sign of friendship and hospitality, anywhere and anytime, before or after any meal.

Turkish tea is full-flavored and too strong to be served in large cups thus it's always offered in little tulip-shaped glasses which you have to hold by the rim to save your fingertips from burning because it's served boiling hot. You can add sugar in it but no milk, and you can have it either lighter (weaker) or darker (stronger) depending on your taste because Turkish tea is made by pouring some very strong tea into the glass, then cutting it with water to the desired strength. Serious tea-drinker Turks usually go to a coffee & tea house where they serve it with a samovar (Semaver in Turkish) so they can refill their glasses themselves as much as they want.

Without question, you will love ‘Chay’. It is not only a drink, it is an institution. It is a sign of welcome, an ice breaker, it is an equalizer! Used as an excuse for a meeting, a date, business, a break. It’s the perfect activity for relaxing and experiencing a chunk of the Turkish culture and everyday life.


Natural Wonders True gems of Turkey, this country is filled with them! But when you think about natural wonders you have to think about Pamukkale, This natural wonder remains one of Turkey’s most popular tourist attractions. The Name means “Cotton Castle” and refers to the beautiful travertine terraces, hot springs, and striking white-colored ground. Not only that, but it also contains the ruins of the Greco-Roman Spa city of Hierapolis, letting you bath in the natural springs in the same surroundings as people have for millennia.

 Lake Tuz and Cappadocia! All amazing, all impressive but for any one, Cappadocia bets it all. It is one of the best travel experiences of all time! No kidding, everyone will love this place! Beautiful, deeply Turkish. Charming, whatever you experienced similarly elsewhere, cannot  help thinking that it doesn't get better than Cappadocia. This unique region is blessed with geology that gives it a truly other-worldly ambiance that has to be experienced in person. With its magical rock formations like the “Fairy Chimneys,” and its shelters carved into the soft volcanic rock Cappadocia is like visiting another planet. And it’s another planet that you can even explore by hot-air balloon, too. Here you can stay in cave hotels, watch the hundreds of hot air balloons each day, and admire the historical sites. Set in the mountainous areas of Central Turkey, this historical destination is one of the best reasons to visit Turkey.


Diving  For those totally addicted to this sport and will try somewhere only for diving! And that will be a main reason why you have to visit Bodrum. Not only diving was superb, the crew, the people, the diving sites are simply to dive for. If you are thinking of a great diving spot which is not that far away from Europe you should consider Turkey. Which indeed may have one of the best diving  sites in the world at all. The other exceptional advantage, is Bodrum itself! It is one of the most beautiful, captivating, and most gorgeous place that you experience in your life! You will love this city and its relaxing atmosphere, and the stunning surroundings around the city is dimply unimaginable.


Best Museums of Turkey With its rich history that spans the ages and empires, Turkey’s museums are full of spectacular artifacts as well as art. From Istanbul’s  renowned museums to the lesser-known yet equally important museums around the country, Culture Trip rounded up the most essential. 


Chora Church, The Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora a medieval Byzantine Greek Orthodox church dates back to around the early 4th century and possesses some of the most stunning Byzantine frescoes and mosaics. Converted into a mosque in the Ottoman era in the 16th century, Chora Church became a museum in 1948.

Ephesus Archaeological Museum, After  experiencing  the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, one must be sure visiting the Ephesus Museum, where more artifacts are on display. He’ll find remnants of the Temple of Artemis, sculptures from the fountains, coins, and much more.

Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Located in a beautiful mansion—which used to belong to the famous Sabancı family—overlooking the Bosporus, the Sakıp Sabancı Museum hosts some of Istanbul’s most well-regarded art exhibitions. Past art shows have included works by Rodin, Picasso, Monet, and Anish Kapoor.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum The world’s largest mosaic museum, Zeugma has 1,700 square meters of beautiful and well-preserved mosaics. Located in the city of Gaziantep, the museum’s exhibitions stem from the ancient city of Zeugma, which was in danger of being flooded by a dam project in 2000. The museum’s “Gypsy Girl” mosaic, displayed in a dark room, is one of the most popular pieces.

Istanbul Modern, Istanbul’s hub for contemporary art is one of its most important museums and always features excellent exhibitions from local and international talent. Istanbul Modern’s sculpture garden and Bosporus-facing café are also local favorites.

Mevlana Museum, the mausoleum of the Persian poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi is one of the main reasons to visit the Turkish city of Konya. The beautiful structure, which stands out with its turquoise dome, also once served as a tekke (a whirling dervish lodge).

Topkapi Palace, The overtly lavish residence of the Ottoman sultans for almost 400 years, the Topkapi Palace, built in 1453, is a true wonder and a must-see sight while in Istanbul. The sultan’s ostentatious lifestyle is thoroughly exemplified in beautiful pavilions, a treasury full of jewels, and harem.

CerModern, Built within a renovated train depot, CerModern is not only a stunning work of architecture but also the main destination for art in Turkey’s capital. Engaging exhibitions, as well as workshops from art history to yoga, make CerModern a profoundly engaging museum.

Hagia Sophia, Once a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica, the Hagia Sophia was declared a museum in 1935 and is one of Istanbul’s icons. From the grand fading red façade to the stunning interior with frescoes and mosaics, the former church is one of the world’s most unique museums.

Pera Museum, Located in a beautiful neo-classical building that used to be the famous Bristol Hotel, the Pera Museum has been hosting important art exhibitions and events since its establishment in 2005. Past featured names have included Rembrandt, Joan Miró, Frida Kahlo, and Goya, among many others.


Hammam There’s nothing like having someone scrub you down and then wash and massage you in a cloud of soap foam, especially inside a historical Hamam decked out in marble and a whole lot of steam. The Hamam Experience is definitely one of Turkey’s foremost attractions, and many visitors look forward to a relaxing and thoroughly cleansing Turkish bath. It is associated with the culture of the Ottoman Empire and more widely the Islamic world.

The Hamam Experience has become synonymous with Turkey and is a favorite among many visitors. Being scrubbed and then washed and massaged in a cloud of soap foam is a truly spectacular way to unwind.


Beautiful Beaches Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir, and Fethiye have some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, with a spectrum that includes everything from secluded coves to exciting beach parties. One of the best ways to experience Turkey’s many beaches and the Mediterranean or Aegean Coast is by taking a Blue Cruise.   A Blue Cruise, also known as a Blue Voyage or Blue Tour, is a term used for recreational voyages along the Turkish Riviera, on Turkey's southwestern coast along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas..