Get to Know Pasen Express's First Destination for Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

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Get to Know Pasen Express's First Destination for Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city where the present met with the past. it is an ancient city that has been established for more than 3000 years and it is full of fascinating archaeological monuments left by civilization after civilization intended by tourists from all over the world, especially that the recreation areas are many of the beaches,  health centers,  sulfur water and also has its markets , centers And so the tourist program to Istanbul is full, no matter how long you stay in Istanbul.

Istanbul has two continents, Asia and Europe. The Asian section has a smaller population, large green spaces and generally a quieter area than the European section, but It is far from the city center, tourist attractions and large commercial markets.

As for real estate investment in Istanbul, we have talked about it in several articles:

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Today, we will allocate the Expressway and shed light on the key points that will make it the first destination for investors in 2018

Located in the European section of Istanbul, Passen Express represents the road between Istanbul's two most important highways, the E5 and the TEM. The Passen Express has gained a strategic location that is easily accessible anywhere inside or outside Istanbul without having to collide with Istanbul Known

As a result, dozens of large corporate centers and large hotel chains have been established along the Al Bassin Express road, which has given it additional importance and a very high investment value

Most of these projects are now under construction and investors can benefit from reduced prices as the projects are not completed yet. When these projects are completed soon, they will be a great attraction for the meeting of these luxury brands in one place.

There are many reasons why Passen Express offers great importance that we will talk about it in details:

  1. Distinct geographic location:

In addition, the Pasen Express Expressway connects the two main roads as well as the top. The area itself is a strategic area of ​​proximity to Ataturk International Airport and the Mall of Istanbul (Europe's largest shopping mall), as well as dozens of access roads. Place your work in Istanbul in a short time and comfortably

Naturally, real estate prices are very high in central areas such as Pasen Express but the fact that prices are very appropriate and logical to the extreme

2- The diversity of transportation means:

In addition to the highways with which the Pasen Express road connects Istanbul and Europe, there is interest from the Turkish government to establish a strong infrastructure to serve the region as best as possible

A new highway will connect the third bridge in Istanbul with the third airport and the first phase will be opened soon

The metro line from Ataturk to ekteli area near the Mall of Istanbul is under construction and will enter service soon next year, which in turn will give the investor additional benefits and other options to facilitate mobility to any place in Istanbul


3 - Collecting large brands:

The fact that the area of ​​Pasen Express was relatively remote in terms of real estate investment has led to a relatively low price of land and real estate. Therefore, it has become a major trademark and has gathered to invest along this road to move it to a new stage of luxury and excellence. It is worth mentioning that these brands varied from the five hotels Stars to universities, medical services, hospitals and such gathering calls for the presence of real estate investment companies, trade, import, export and banks

The most famous universities on the Passen Express Road: the University of Istanbul aydin , the altinbas  , the University of Kemberburgaz, and the University of Marmara, as well as a number of other universities close to Passen Express

Five star hotels: Dyson Park, Marriott, Holiday, Windham Grand, Sheraton, Hilton, Rotana, Luanda Vista and many others.

The most important hospitals and medical service centers: Medipol, Yagledir, Ardim, Waxa and Mohamed Akif

There are also branches of important banks in Turkey, most notably the Bank of Turkey and the Bank of Garanti and the Bank of Creation as well as the bank Waqf


4 - Fast growth experienced by Pasen Express

The Passen Express road was a simple industrial area and there was no focus on real estate investment in it, although it was important to the old but there was no direction for the big brands we talked about at the top to invest in this privileged place

Now with the increasing interest of foreign investors, the Turkish government has accelerated the facilitation of investment in the Pasen Express route and has paid great attention to the spending of millions to secure the advanced infrastructure to ensure the service of this region at the highest levels

The rapid transformation of Pasen Express in real estate investment is not the first experience of the Turkish government. It has previously succeeded in renovating the Bamonti area in Sisli and its price difference is very clear compared to the pre-renewal period

This is indicative of the fact that it shows that Passen Express is on its way to witness a significant rise in prices during the next few years, especially after the completion of all the projects mentioned above.


5. Low prices

In spite of all the advantages of the Passen Express, there is still the advantage of low prices to invest in it is the most prominent at all and to understand the savings that you can get now if you want to invest in the Pasen Express way Let us take the area of ​​Atakoy near the Passen Express as an example, It is close to Ataturk airport, Marmara Sea and highways are not separated by Passen Express more than 5 minutes by car

The price per square meter in Atakoy is between $ 3,500- $ 4,000

Surprisingly, the price per square meter on Pasen Express is less than $ 2,000 on average

Thus, to obtain an apartment area of 100 square meters in Atakoy area will cost you approximately 400.000 USD

While you can get an apartment the same size in the Pasen Express way at 180.000 US dollars and does not separate the two areas very close to you can imagine the difference in price now

You can easily predict the price increase in the Pasen Express area when the planned projects are completed

For these reasons, the Pasen Express region will be one of the best areas to invest in Istanbul in 2018 and in the coming years

We will give you some of the best investment projects located on Pasen Express Road:




+ Invest in a guarantee from Rotana International and an annual investment return of at least $ 20,000

+ The location of the distinctive project close to the means of transport, commercial centers, highways and the headquarters of international companies

+ Kitchen equipped with all the facilities and services that provide you with a full and happy life

+ The project is near the famous Mall of Istanbul and is the largest mall in Turkey





+ The location of the distinctive project on the Passen Express road connecting the most important highways E5 and TEM

+ Luxury life offers you this project with its distinctive appearance and gives you comfort with a ceiling height of 3.10 meters

+ Passen Express is the link between old and modern Istanbul and the gathering area of ​​international companies, hotels and businessmen




+ Modern architectural design in the shape of a triangle to ensure the greatest benefit of daylight

+ The highest tower in the Pasen Express road 150 meters high, which will add to the project a touch of prestige and prestige

+ Whether your goal is housing or investment, this project is suitable because it includes apartments and investment hotel




+ Modern architectural design in the form of a triangle to ensure the greatest benefit of daylight by the world designer Philippe Starck

+ The highest tower in the Pasen Express road 150 meters high, which will add to the project a touch of prestige and magnificence

+ The Chinese wanda quality standards have been adopted to provide a unique experience for local and international hotel guests




+ Project location in the heart of Istanbul near the city center, airport, transportation and all services

+ Wide options fit all desires as available in the project residential apartments and offices for work

+ The project offers a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle despite its proximity to the city center




+ The project site is on the Expressway and is the best place to invest in Istanbul

+ The project is equipped with the concept of home and office together, so you can live or work in the same place

+ Modernity and luxury are a prominent feature in every corner of this project




+ Location of the distinctive project on the Expressway very promising in the field of real estate investment

+ The project is in the concept of accommodation / work, so you can choose the style that suits you

+ Wide options ranging from 40 square meters to 215 square meters with prices starting at $ 60,000




+ The ideal location of the project in ​​Gunesli near the Expressway Passen Express This area is very promising in real estate investment

+ Near the project of Pasen Express means that access to other highways E5 and TEM is easy and thus access to Istanbul airports or any other point will be a walk

+ The project is located near the park of a metro station and the other station is only 70 meters away and therefore there will be no problem moving if the roads are crowded

+ Materials used in the construction of the first type in addition to providing each apartment with a private balcony

+ Houses equipped with smart systems to give you a high degree of safety and comfort


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