The rise in the value of the US dollar exchange against the Turkish lira is an irreplaceable opportunity to buy real estate in Turkey

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The rise in the value of the US dollar exchange against the Turkish lira is an irreplaceable opportunity to buy real estate in Turkey

In the past few days, the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the US dollar has risen to 7 lira against every dollar. To understand this difference, we should know that just one month ago, the exchange rate of each dollar was about 4.5 Turkish lira. We are talking about a 64% decline in one month

Though, today the 100 thousand dollars worth about 700 thousand Turkish liras and this amount today is enough to buy a luxury villa in a tourist area or buy luxury apartment in modern areas within Istanbul or you can buy two apartments in some of the medium tourist areas in Istanbul

This is an irreplaceable opportunity for foreign tourists to buy a dream apartment in the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey, especially after the pressures they face as a result of the deterioration of economic conditions in the Arab countries and today Turkey provides shelter for any emergency that may happen in these countries

It is remarkable that this shelter is beautiful and at a much cheaper price than in the Arab countries. On the other hand, Turkey is a Muslim country and allows foreigners to own and acquire Turkish nationality.

One might ask that the appreciation of the dollar against the lira is also due to a rise in real estate prices.

This is true in weak countries whose traders drive greed in double profits. Real estate prices are calculated for the dollar every day, but in Turkey, the dollar is not adopted in the pricing of real estate because the Turkish contractor understands the importance of turning the wheel quickly, At the old price and then future projects can be sold at the price of the new dollar, which in itself guarantees future investment gains for your property, then prices will rise in the future and earn you additional profits

Also to understand this idea better, we should know that the residential project in Turkey is completed within six months and start selling since obtaining the plans of the municipality Thus, the sale of housing projects built on the basis of the old dollar price is better to sell at the same price now after the rise in the dollar price in order to get money to build a new project

And the saving of the entrepreneurs to their capital through the projects they build, as for their bank accounts, they do not include more than 10% of their capital and therefore despite the decline in the exchange rate of the pound against the dollar, the contractor preferred to bear the losses that resulted from the difference exchange rate and offer the property at the same old price or The price is very close to it

Thus, we will answer the question of whether real estate prices will change after the rise in the dollar


We must not forget that Turkey is a country that relies on itself in production, engineering, medicine, industry and agriculture, so the imported materials are much lower compared to other countries

This means that the difference in the price of the dollar will have a limited impact, for example, if the price of the dollar will not double the prices of food products, industrial and agricultural internal because they rely mainly on the Turkish lira in its dealings

And now we offer you the most important investment opportunities which are still fixed prices in Turkish lira and thus prices written in US dollars in each link declined and please communicate with us to give you the new price:



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