Bahcesehir area in Istanbul

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Bahcesehir area in Istanbul

Welcome to the city of gardens or bahçeşehir in Turkish language, it’s aptly named. dominated by green spaces and beautiful landscape and is characterized as a clear air away from the congestion and pollution of the city and is a luxurious area inhabited by people of the upper class and characterized by rapid urban development

Bahcesehir area is 20 km from Ataturk International Airport and 25 km from the city centre

As for the famous terrain is a region of many hills and small plateaus and valleys, which increases the splendour of the place and gives you a sense of lifestyle in the heart of nature

It is worth mentioning that the region is brisk and famous with natural life, this does not mean that the services are not at a high level .. It includes a lot of commercial centres and local and international brands as well as popular markets, cafes and restaurants

It is generally characterized by a calm atmosphere, which will provide you and your family with a well-kept and healthy life, and we will remember here some of the most important features and facilities in a famous thrill.

Akbati Complex

The most popular shopping centre in Bahcesehir is a famous with international and Turkish shops as well as a wide variety of cafes and restaurants from several kitchens around the world. In addition to the shopping centre,

Bahcesehir bazaar

Bazaar in Turkey is an ancient tradition based on gathering a group of vendors in a specific place on a specific day of the week and people come specifically to the place Bazaar to get their needs and includes Bazaar vegetables and fresh fruits in addition to many types of food and clothing and various needs of the house, but Bahcesehir bazaar open for 5 days in the week

It also has global shops and brands such as McDonald's and Starbucks, featuring a small park and the famous Migros supermarket


Bahcesehir garden (Gullit)

A unique piece of art in Bahcesehir destination for those wishing to take pictures of a wonderful memorial, especially in the events and weddings and characterized by water corridors and beautiful lakes, as well as green meadows and various services of cafes and restaurants, mostly Turkish, and there you can get a famous Turkish breakfast in one of these restaurants


It is also famous for the existence of many health clubs to ensure the maintenance of your health and activity and offers the municipality of Istanbul health club in Bahcesehir discounted prices

In terms of health, there is in Bahcesehir despite the small geographical area of a German hospital and another local Turkish in addition to the University of Bahcesehir, which is one of the most important Turkish universities and the most active universities, especially in Istanbul

As well as the mosques in Bahcesehir present in Ottoman architectural designs very magnificence and beauty


Finally, some may wonder about the difficulty of traveling in Bahcesehir thrive due to its distance from the centre of the city 25 km and this was solved by the metro stations, which will be delivered to the region of Bahcesehir in 2019 in addition to transport buses that are free in a famous and affordable price, the taxi offices you can call wherever you are


It is worth mentioning that Bahcesehir fragile and includes many real estate projects and we at IHOME we would like to offer you some of the most important investment opportunities in Bahcesehir :

 IHOME 21  is A project of one tower that provides you with a quiet life away from the noise of the city

The project is relatively close to both Ataturk International Airport, New Airport, Marmara Park Mall, E5-6 and TEM


IHOME 12 project that offers you the possibility of instalment up to 20 years

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