Learn about the new Rotana investment projects in Istanbul

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Learn about the new Rotana investment projects in Istanbul

Rotana International recently opened its last two projects (West Side Arjan + Centro West Side) in Istanbul in cooperation with the Turkish construction company Mar Yapı

During the event, the Chairman of Rotana Group, Nasser Al Nowais, said that Turkey is of great importance to Rotana Group because of its great importance in the field of tourism and therefore the investment of hotels is very important for Rotana. He added that his plan is to invest more money in Turkey in general And in Istanbul in particular

The Rotana Hotel, built on the Passed Express highway in Istanbul's Gonchli district, has 305 luxury rooms and suites as well as residential homes

Al-Nowais pointed out that Rotana, through the opening of these two hotels, has doubled the number of hotels in Turkey, noting that although the credit rating agencies have lowered their rating for Turkey in terms of investment ability safely, this will not be an obstacle in comparison to the importance of these the tourist countries and their culture, which makes investing in them a great opportunity

"The number of tourists who came to Turkey this year exceeded 35 million tourists and this in itself is a big incentive for investment in Turkey and it seems that there are opportunities for Rotana outside the Middle East is excellent and Turkey is a very important location and therefore Rotana will make more investments in Turkey

Nuwais also said that he is seeking to bring all the leading brands of hotel investments to Turkey because the outlook for the future is promising and positive

As for the newly opened Rotana Hotel, the Chairman of the Turkish Construction Company, Mar Yabo, Mr. Munir Ozkok, noted that this hotel is close to the highways and Ataturk International Airport as well as the large shopping centres,

Finally, Oscock said that Rotana has, for the first time, acted as an investor and not as a project operator only.

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