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It is imperative that every Arab investor or foreigner is constantly looking for the best investment in the best country around the world. Although investment options are numerous and many, we will speak today in this article about investing in Turkey and in particular real estate investment in Turkey because of its great resonance Is increasing day by day

We will talk about 10 key points explaining why investing in Turkey and we will support our article with the figures and statistics necessary to ensure the credibility and maximum benefit


1-The Turkish economy is a strong and successful economy

                             Perhaps the most prominent thing that describes the Turkish economy is its rapid growth. In 14 years it has grown from a GDP of $ 231 billion in 2002 to $ 857 billion in 2016. This figure is increasing steadily and steadily (Source of this statistic is Turkish Economy Institute Turk Stat)

The Institute also pointed out that this economic growth was stable during those years and reached 5.6% In the current years and with the increase in the number of investors increased this proportion, increasing from year to year

Despite the country's external challenges, the Turkish economy has been classified as one of the fastest growing economies in the world by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)


This classification is not surprising. Turkey's economy 15 years ago was not one of the first 100 economies in the world. Today, it is ranked 16th in the world and seeks to be one of the 10 largest economies in the world by 2023.










2-The population of Turkey

The population of Turkey is about 80 million people in 2016 according to the Turkish Statistics Institute It is worth mentioning that the high proportion of these people are young, unlike the countries of the European Union, which suffers from youth shortages and high levels of large ages


The population of Turkey under the age of 31 is over 40 million. More than half of the population is young. This statistic was also issued by the Turkish Statistical Institute above





3-Manpower in the country

It is noteworthy that the number of educated young people and workers in general more than 30 million people in 2016, according to the Turkish Institute of Statistics


If we talk about the students, there are about one million students graduating annually from about 200 universities all over the country


Even in the field of technical and industrial works, Turkey has about 950 thousand students graduating from high school professional and technical annually and start to work in the industrial fields


4-The country's open climate for investments and continuous development

Turkey is one of the least developed countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and has been subject to restrictions for foreign investors since 1997. The business environment is encouraging both small and large entrepreneurs. It takes only 7 days to set up a company in Turkey, according to the World Bank's World Business Statistics report last year 2017


The investment opportunities in Turkey are highly competitive as the investor invests in any field that starts to invest. All fields are good, successful and suitable. This is due to Turkey's strong culture in both industry and services sectors, as well as good treatment for foreign investors.


According to statistics of the Turkish Ministry of Economy, there are more than 52 thousand companies in Turkey with foreign capital in 2016. The investment in Turkey is characterized by international arbitration in the event of any problem or misunderstanding with many facilitations to foreign investors to facilitate their investments in Turkey, And facilities on bank transfers


5-The country's infrastructure

We have discussed the previous points of general external factors and now within the country, we mention that Turkey enjoys high-developed infrastructure both in transportation and telecommunications, as well as in the organization of energy and transport, especially through the railways that reach central and eastern Europe at discounted prices, Transfers smoothly


6-Featured Location:

The return to the external advantages in the country cannot fail to mention the central location of Turkey between the Asian and European continents, which provides a highly efficient and cost-effective transport route compared to major world markets. According to statistics, this road provides access to multiple markets that benefit the GDP in an estimated amount with 34 billion US dollars

7-A way to transfer energy to the continent of Europe

Thanks to Turkey's central geographical position and its east-west mediation, Turkey remains the best energy transfer route to the world's largest consumer, the European continent. It is also close to 70% of the world's proven primary energy reserves


8-Incentives for investors and reduced taxes

The fact that Turkey is close to Europe and its ability to join the European Union requires that its tax laws be similar to Europe. By contrast, corporate income tax was reduced to 20%, a low percentage compared to 33%. Even compared with taxes in European countries, Turkey is the best and this in turn attracts more foreign investors to it


There are also incentives and tax exemptions for technological development centres and industrial zones as well as for large and regional investments. All this has been legislated to facilitate the investment movement and motivate more entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Turkey


9-Turkey in the European Customs Union 20 years ago

According to the Turkish Ministry of Economy, the Customs Union was established with 27 countries in Europe since 1996 in addition to free trade agreements. This was in the past. As for the future, many other agreements are on the way to conclude and provide more facilities for investment in Turkey, Turkey's accession to the EU, in turn, will ease the external pressures on this country as well as give investors more safety and stability



10-Local market in Turkey

We talked about the external factors and infrastructure that characterize the Turkish economy and the factors that stimulate investment in Turkey and finally we will talk about the size of the local market in the country to take an idea of the evolution

If we talk about the Internet service, we have more than 60 million Turkish subscribers in the fast Internet service in 2016, after it was less than 100 thousand in 2002, according to statistics of the Turkish Institute of Statistics

As for mobile phones, we have about 75 million subscribers in 2016, up from only 22 million in 2002

According to the Bank Card Issuance Centre in Turkey, the number of credit card users is approximately 59 million in 2016 compared with 16 million in 2002

If we talk about Turkish airlines, we are talking about one of the best airlines in the world. Turkish airlines were able to transport more than 180 million passengers in 2015 compared to only 33 million in 2002. This statistic was also issued by the Turkish Statistics Institute



Finally, in the field of tourism, in 2016, Turkey received more than 25 million tourists compared with 2002, which reached only 13 million tourists

The importance of the Turkish economy is significant, and this clearly indicates that the investment opportunities in Turkey are great and will benefit the foreign investors in particular, especially that the Turkish government is constantly seeking to provide the necessary facilities for investors to ensure the best possible efficiency of their investments


If we talk about investing in Turkey, we must remember that real estate investment is at the forefront of investment in the country. Turkey has recently witnessed a significant increase in the number of investors in real estate due to the reasons mentioned above, in addition to the fact that real estate in Turkey has very favourable prices, is our talk today or even to live, we cannot deny that Turkey is a very beautiful country and suitable for housing, especially with the availability of many of the services that may need the resident here


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